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  1. I have to agree that you could have gotten away from the hand. First of all you have put about 24% of your stack into the pot and your facing a raise and a reraise which puts you all in. So you have not pot committed yourself and you will still have 20+ BB left if you fold. Now what type of draw do you really have. Sure your open ended but it is the idiot end of the str8 and you could already be drawing dead on that issue. Also you are drawing to the 4th nut flush. That can be a recipe for disaster. The first question I have to ask you. What was your table image? Had you shown down any crap hands earlier when open raising in late mid position?? You did raise preflop with J4 suited. If you had shown any similar hands earlier than the two callers could have a wide range especially if they are paying attention. Your best situation is 15 outs which is what you had. But the worse situation could have been 0 outs. If one guy has the made str8 and one guy is open ended with the nut flush then you are drawing dead. These are types of hands I would play against you if I had seen you raising late with weak holdings. I think you are looking at what outs you actually had instead of the outs you could have had to justify making the call. Now if you were the pusher in this situation instead of the caller I could see making that move however based on the action up to you calling all in both of your opponnents are going all the way to the river and you have got zero fold equity.

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