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  1. busted main KK PokerStars Hand #83719276804: Tournament #2012070100, $0.98+$0.02 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XVII (2000/4000) - 2012/07/22 22:53:50 ET Table '2012070100 128' 9-max Seat #3 is the button Seat 1: weeds.8th (29890 in chips) Seat 2: goldenmuzzle (36832 in chips) Seat 3: louwho616 (27680 in chips) Seat 4: Randy8888 (40180 in chips) Seat 5: playboy99999 (100490 in chips) Seat 6: bortherion23 (8585 in chips) Seat 7: arualsetnof (27280 in chips) Seat 8: edc5036 (25070 in chips) Seat 9: rncn2 (31440 in chips) weeds.8th: posts the ante 800 goldenmuzzle: posts the ante 800 louwho616: posts the ante 800 Randy8888: posts the ante 800 playboy99999: posts the ante 800 bortherion23: posts the ante 800 arualsetnof: posts the ante 800 edc5036: posts the ante 800 rncn2: posts the ante 800 Randy8888: posts small blind 2000 playboy99999: posts big blind 4000 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to edc5036 [Th Tc] bortherion23: folds arualsetnof: folds edc5036: raises 20270 to 24270 and is all-in rncn2: folds weeds.8th: folds goldenmuzzle: folds louwho616: folds Randy8888: folds playboy99999: calls 20270 *** FLOP *** [Js 5s 7s] *** TURN *** [Js 5s 7s] [9h] *** RIVER *** [Js 5s 7s 9h] [Qd] *** SHOW DOWN *** playboy99999: shows [Qs 9s] (a flush, Queen high) edc5036: shows [Th Tc] (a pair of Tens) playboy99999 collected 57740 from pot edc5036 finished the tournament in 1746th place *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 57740 | Rake 0 Board [Js 5s 7s 9h Qd] Seat 1: weeds.8th folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 2: goldenmuzzle folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 3: louwho616 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 4: Randy8888 (small blind) folded before Flop Seat 5: playboy99999 (big blind) showed [Qs 9s] and won (57740) with a flush, Queen high Seat 6: bortherion23 folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 7: arualsetnof folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 8: edc5036 showed [Th Tc] and lost with a pair of Tens Seat 9: rncn2 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. Didn't cash event 1 anyway. Just got ITM in event 2 w 225k tho!! Team NoStretchBen5036 on the board!!!
  3. Thanks FouTight and GL in the main! 157k after addon in event 1... I understand this one isnt tracked by p5s but does it still count for the competition? and how about $7300 for 1st in a $.10R :O
  4. Gonna be grinding hard this month so lets go! In for team and $25 singles, $50 sent to FouTight on Stars
  5. If you need anymore hay let know... I enjoy keeping happy horses in my stable.

  6. 1st day grinding on Carbon yesterday and I bink off 2 FTs including a win in the $5R turbo. But is it real money?? We'll see how the cashout process goes. Regardless it feels good to be grinding and earning those PLBs again.... Carbon's schedule is bigger and more diverse than I thought at first. Sunday 100k guarantee today will be fun. Watch out for me in the lobbies because I am ready to crush. Stay strong Team America. -edc
  7. hahaha sickest avatar

  8. I'm strongly considering going the poker house grind route for a few months after my current semester ends in about 3 weeks. Leaning towards Costa Rica right now as I spent spring break 2010 there so I have a bit of experience and would LOVE to go back. Cost of living is quite cheap compared to USA, and you can open a CR bank account as a US citizen without much trouble so cashouts should be EZ game. Ship me a PM if any of you guys are interested.... You can NOT do this. In general Canada's immigration/visa laws are some of the strictest around. You wont be able to open a bank account there without a legit Canada ID. Since it seems the sites are taking the position that you need an overseas bank account and NOT just proof of residency, I don't see Canada as a feasible option for most of us.
  9. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=122119071195720 Feel free to repost! The page is moving extremely fast and this event isn't until Wednesday. The more of us that get our voices out the better. Hello Mr. President First off thank you for reaching out to the voters, taxpayers, and citizens of this country in this unprecedented way. I am a 20 year old Penn State University Economics student who is extremely concerned about our uncertain economic future. It is extremely disheartening for me to see my fellow students graduating from school facing unprecedented levels of student debt and an extremely uncertain job market. Throughout my years in grade school I learned how the United States became arguably the greatest nation on earth-- through hard work, industrial manufacturing, and the advancement of the personal freedom of its citizens. My generation is extremely concerned about the future of the USA. As I watch the majority of the states of the union (and the country itself) fall deeper and deeper into a financial crisis, I believe my state and federal governments should be doing everything they can to resolve the situation, while still promoting the single most important aspect of the american way of life: freedom. Legalizing and regulating online poker should be a no-brainer for the federal government. States are going BANKRUPT left and right. The online poker industry could provide BILLIONS in revenue for the federal government simply by offering a regulated form of this American pastime of poker to its citizens. I do not understand why such an activity would be activity permitted and encouraged by the Casinos and Cardrooms that line our streets, while being completely blocked from playing the very same game from the comfort of our own (hard earned) homes and apartments. I grew up made to believe that I was fortunate to live in the "land of the free". European nations continue to profit and prosper by accepting and taxing the online poker industry--as their citizens continue to play a simple card game that was once as American as Apple Pie-- and I can't help but feel that we are falling behind. Full regulation and taxation of online poker is not only the right choice financially-- but morally as well. If this country still believes in freedom, that is.
  10. great post ape... not much more to say I think you nailed it. I think this hand is well played with the exception of betting a little more on turn as others have said. What do you guys think of the river action?? I thought it was a pretty standard bet at 1st glance, but after thinking about it its pretty hard to think of many villain hands we beat that are calling the river here. However c/f and c/c both seem pretty bad... and I agree you will very rarely be bluffraised here... so maybe a smaller bet on riv is best?
  11. hey man nice blog but I totally disagree with your thoughts that me not chopping was somehow bad, -EV, or somehow unoptimal for me. Obviously 3handed 20-30BBs deep edges aren't massive, but they're clearly a lot bigger than you think. and I kept silent throughout most of the dealmaking 4handed, when that other dude started insisting on $60 more than chip ratio I just laughed and said fuck it lets play. YOURE the one who was completely desperate to chop and I have every right to say no thank you, let's keep the payouts the same as what they're been the entire time and just play. I wanted 1st so it'd be my #1 score anyway. Your OP is full of mistakes too. 1st off 4.3M =/= 3.1M. Not even close. Especially when you're to my right. and LOL @ arpitm08 owning me. Because I r/f vs him a couple hands in a row 3 handed??? Our heads up match lasted about 10 hands and he was begging me to chop throughout the match. Like after this hand to keep him alive: Full Tilt Poker Game #29606769554: $58,500 Guarantee (226461700), Table 3 - 80K/160K Ante 20000 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:25:02 ET - 2011/04/03 Seat 3: phillyphan65 (8,739,720) Seat 4: arpitm08 (2,720,280) phillyphan65 antes 20,000 arpitm08 antes 20,000 arpitm08 posts the small blind of 80,000 phillyphan65 posts the big blind of 160,000 The button is in seat #4 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to phillyphan65 [3c 3h] arpitm08 raises to 2,700,280, and is all in phillyphan65 calls 2,540,280 arpitm08 shows [Jh Ks] phillyphan65 shows [3c 3h] *** FLOP *** [2s Jd Kd] *** TURN *** [2s Jd Kd] [Qs] *** RIVER *** [2s Jd Kd Qs] [6h] arpitm08 shows two pair, Kings and Jacks phillyphan65 shows a pair of Threes Hit21NRun (Observer): ship dacumback1d (Observer): haha ez game arpitm08 wins the pot (5,440,560) with two pair, Kings and Jacks Hit21NRun (Observer): ship Hit21NRun (Observer): ship *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 5,440,560 | Rake 0 Board: [2s Jd Kd Qs 6h] Seat 3: phillyphan65 (big blind) showed [3c 3h] and lost with a pair of Threes Seat 4: arpitm08 (small blind) showed [Jh Ks] and won (5,440,560) with two pair, Kings and Jacks He makes it all of two minutes after that hand before the match ends. Yup he really owned me. Full Tilt Poker Game #29606825353: $58,500 Guarantee (226461700), Table 3 - 80K/160K Ante 20000 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:27:15 ET - 2011/04/03 Seat 3: phillyphan65 (6,199,440) Seat 4: arpitm08 (5,260,560) phillyphan65 antes 20,000 arpitm08 antes 20,000 arpitm08 posts the small blind of 80,000 phillyphan65 posts the big blind of 160,000 The button is in seat #4 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to phillyphan65 [4h Kd] arpitm08 raises to 320,000 phillyphan65 calls 160,000 *** FLOP *** [Tc Th 4s] phillyphan65 checks arpitm08 has 15 seconds left to act da_champz_nz (Observer): GLGL PHILLY :) arpitm08 bets 340,000 phillyphan65 has 15 seconds left to act phillyphan65 calls 340,000 *** TURN *** [Tc Th 4s] [4c] phillyphan65 checks arpitm08 has 15 seconds left to act arpitm08 bets 640,000 phillyphan65 has 15 seconds left to act phillyphan65 raises to 5,519,440, and is all in arpitm08 has 15 seconds left to act arpitm08 has requested TIME arpitm08 calls 3,940,560, and is all in phillyphan65 shows [4h Kd] arpitm08 shows [9s 9d] Uncalled bet of 938,880 returned to phillyphan65 *** RIVER *** [Tc Th 4s 4c] [7d] phillyphan65 shows a full house, Fours full of Tens arpitm08 shows two pair, Tens and Nines phillyphan65 wins the pot (10,521,120) with a full house, Fours full of Tens *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 10,521,120 | Rake 0 Board: [Tc Th 4s 4c 7d] Seat 3: phillyphan65 (big blind) showed [4h Kd] and won (10,521,120) with a full house, Fours full of Tens Seat 4: arpitm08 (small blind) showed [9s 9d] and lost with two pair, Tens and Nines
  12. I think this flop is a fold but I would happily get it in with any Txss combo. i'm 3bet calling flop with something like sets, pair + FD's, axss, and maybe QJ/J8 (the str8 draw hands are the ones im not too sure about... would default to ship tho). Think you can safely fold AA here and not feel too bad about it.
  13. def calling pre. I think you can get away with folding turn on this board but its surely close. can't be too happy about your J kicker either cuz I think he is betting QT, KT, AT the same here. Sizing looks value-ey and I don't think most people would expect you to ever fold this turn after flatting flop. Your range seems fairly face up as a moderate / strong ten. Then again you say he's a very aggro reg so I could never blame you for not folding. I say muck it up and play out the FT, you can surely find better spots to get it in with some real FE in the coming orbits.
  14. I was completely serious at least about pre. I always go by the 20:1 rule for strictly setmining which is about exactly what Stamdogg's getting here effective. Plus on the button... would you just be folding your low pairs here? and if so how deep would you have to be before you'd consider flatting?? and okay obviously saying he will "never" call with worse on flop is a little absurd, but I truly can't seeing him calling with much that we beat if we just jamball the flop over his raise. Seems like he would be able to find a fold even with 88-JJ, and I would have to think 3betting pre>>>flatting with QQ+ here. certainly don't see him calling with a7 or something.... and we have the blocker to the most likely combo draw.
  15. um what good reg WOULDNT be flatting 33/44 pre here??? I really don't like getting it in on the flop, especially since we have the ace of diamonds so its hard for Stamdogg to even have a flush draw here. He will just about NEVER be calling a flop shove with worse, and when he does call we're way way behind. with that said we still want to get to showdown. river just becomes a really sick spot. c/f or b/c are my preferred options and its not every hand you can say that haha. I think ultimately its gotta come down to game flow and how you think Stamdogg perceives you... or how he thinks you think he perceives you :p

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