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    I'm a computer scientist and former professional stand-up comedian. I've recently decided that gambling is the answer to my debt problems.
  1. If I could do it over again, I'd go to Fassion Institute of Technology. There's like one straight guy per thousand hot chicks there. Instead I went to an engineering school. One girl for every five guys and that girl was nasty.
  2. It happens. I can recall long runs of my aces and kings getting cracked. I can also recall runs of getting pocket pairs that hit sets over and over again. If you got your money in with the best hand, then you cant feel too bad about it. I wouldn't be going all in or calling all in with 99 or 88 though unless i was short stacked or had my opponent well covered in chips. And even with JJ and QQ I would prefer to see a flop, but that all depends on the opponent and my read on them.

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