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    English Ex-Pat, Hoping to Organise a few Home Games... Estepona area.
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  1. ouch, the rake is bloody higher than I realised with my style. im paying about 5x as muich rake as I am winning. I suppose this means I should either be playing on a rakeback site (tho easier said than done and ive been ripped off several times with sites like cake poker) or using the vpp's to my advantage somehow to try and claw my rake back? Also playing too many suited gappers.. down big bb/hr, fair enough, guess they don't make hay long term even at low stakes. About 70% of my top dozen losing hands were k10 suited... usually after hitting the flop well in position.. hmm, or hitting top pair.. thats something to look at. At the same time the same % of biggest 'winning' hands are also K10.. what can I learn here? I think I learn that I should be more aggressive because the winning hands are more often the hands I am leading the action as oppose to calling in position.. okay so I went in the last 15mins from thinking K10s's are a bit dodgy to thinking actually I should play them harder... Am I learning? Maybe. Im still playing a few sng's. isnt that what I said I wouldnt do? Partly, tho the real purpose was to play my Agame with the right mindset. Whilst learning and improving I think it translates over to the other formats and my roi is improving at these games too. Something I notice, related to the mental game, is that when im in the real zone at something like a 6man sng it cannot be quick enough. Theres just an instant feeling or logic as to the right move, so do it, move on.. I think I have to keep control of that because it might leak away from the Agame even tho it usually happens when I am in it. Anyway. I realise im just writing my thoughts out loud, its nice to get stuff down on 'paper' sometimes for my own benefit :)

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