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  1. Is anyone on here playing the XBox for PC app? It's still beta right now but a lot of good games on there.
  2. If this is a legal site, how come P5s and other places aren't promoting it? I been playing on here for a bit, I like it.
  3. ACR is offering a $500 reload bonus if you have an account on there.
  4. Yes, me too. At least I got my money out though.
  5. Down again. This is ridiculous
  6. Just tried to log in. Still down.
  7. Back up. For now at least.
  8. Looks like it went down again.
  9. Back up now. But because the sportsbook was down when I made my earlier post, I lost out on what would have been winning five of six baseball games today, almost all dogs too. Thanks a lot ACR. I think I'm just going to take my money off this site, especially with the allegations of all the cheating going on here.
  10. Same situation. Keeps connecting and disconnecting and no sportsbook. This is getting really frustrating.
  11. Apparently there are problems again. Only a few cash tables going and the sportsbook is down again.
  12. Client won't load for me. Tries for a minute or two then just disappears.
  13. What's the best site to deposit via Bitcoin? Apparently, Coinbase is making people wait 72 hours now to do transactions.

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