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    I've been playing poker for about 20+ years but only playing seriously for about 3 years. I play a lot online and some times at the local track. I won an entry into event #52 in the 2008 WSOP. I was able to cash my 1st time out. And I had an even bigger cash online on FTP in 2009. Still honing my skills and working to get better everyday. I now am partnered in a Tavern Poker Company called The Nutz Poker League. We play in various establishments around Central Florida and players can win an assortment of prizes as well as a trip to Vegas and a Buy In to the WSOP. Our Official Site is located at [url]www.showmethenutz.com[/url].
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    Poker, Movies, International Man of Mystery
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  1. I just left a Tourney at the local track. Three people went all in pre-flop. The chip leader had Q-6, 2nd in chips had K-6 and 3rd in chips had A-10. Everyone rolled their cards over and stood up to watch the dealer roll the board. The Flop came out A-10-X-X-X. After the river was dealt 2nd in chips knew he lost to the A-10 so he walked away. The dealer matched and paid out the 3rd in chips and then when they were looking into the side pot, they recognized that the chip leader lost the hand to 2nd in chips, but since 2nd in chips walked away, they shipped the remaining pot and the 2nd in chips remaining stack to the chip leader. How can this be right? 2nd in chips did not muck and his cards were face up after he was all in. Shouldn't the chip leader have to match his stack and then either the chips be pulled out of play or pushed in front of the empty seat to blind out until they pulled them at a later time? Am I missing something here???

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