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    I've been playing poker for about 20+ years but only playing seriously for about 3 years. I play a lot online and some times at the local track. I won an entry into event #52 in the 2008 WSOP. I was able to cash my 1st time out. And I had an even bigger cash online on FTP in 2009. Still honing my skills and working to get better everyday. I now am partnered in a Tavern Poker Company called The Nutz Poker League. We play in various establishments around Central Florida and players can win an assortment of prizes as well as a trip to Vegas and a Buy In to the WSOP. Our Official Site is located at [url]www.showmethenutz.com[/url].
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    Poker, Movies, International Man of Mystery
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  1. I just left a Tourney at the local track. Three people went all in pre-flop. The chip leader had Q-6, 2nd in chips had K-6 and 3rd in chips had A-10. Everyone rolled their cards over and stood up to watch the dealer roll the board. The Flop came out A-10-X-X-X. After the river was dealt 2nd in chips knew he lost to the A-10 so he walked away. The dealer matched and paid out the 3rd in chips and then when they were looking into the side pot, they recognized that the chip leader lost the hand to 2nd in chips, but since 2nd in chips walked away, they shipped the remaining pot and the 2nd in chips remaining stack to the chip leader. How can this be right? 2nd in chips did not muck and his cards were face up after he was all in. Shouldn't the chip leader have to match his stack and then either the chips be pulled out of play or pushed in front of the empty seat to blind out until they pulled them at a later time? Am I missing something here???
  2. On Saturday, October 22nd, The Nutz Poker League held their Monthly Championship for their FREE Poker League at Louie's Grill & Sports Bar. About an hour into the Event the Largo Police Department in masks and riot gear stormed the facility and shut the game down arresting 6 people, several of whom only opened doors and helped put cards on the table. The charges are 'Running and or Operating a Gambling House'. The Nutz Poker League NEVER charges a fee of any kind to play. Their nightly games are FREE as well. There is no tipping the Dealer or any charge at all. You can come into a Restaurant we are playing at and play without even buying a soda and participate in the Event. The Prizes we give away at the Championship Events are purchased out of our own money we receive from the various Venues as compensation for our services. This is strictly an ENTERTAINMENT service where the Players are wagering NOTHING and risking NOTHING for the chance to win Prizes while socializing with their friends and other players. We don't operate in a back room with cameras and spotters. There is no money on the table even if they are just trying to pay their tab. This is strictly a night or day out for people to mingle with their friends and families over a friendly game of cards where they have NOTHING to lose. Now because of this invasion our business is at a halt, our hosts are unable to perform their duties and our players are in an uproar because they are being told they can't enjoy their nights out any longer and miss their friends. Not to mention that 6 people who have never committed a crime of any kind in their lives and who are parents and grand-parents are looking at potentially going to jail for doing NO WRONG! This is a crime and a travesty that needs to be stopped. Rules and Regulations need to be set up and clear up any grey area so operations like The Nutz can continue doing the good they are doing by bringing people together and driving business and sales to an Bar & Restaurant industry that is dying more and more each day.
  3. And this is coming from someone who's ahead well over $2K on this site. I just see the most ridiculous hands time and time again. I see people calling with cards they have no business being in with and hitting over and over again. Every time I see 2 'All Ins' with something like A-Q v A-10 I immediately look for a 10 to hit the board and it seems like 85% of the time it does. Then of course I get run down all the time. Just this morning I played a $12 Buy In 90 Person Sit & Go and got A-A the very first hand. I ended up getting 'All In' pre-flop with 2 other players. One had 8-8 the other 9-9. Of course a 9 hit on the flop and an 8 hit on the turn. So not only did I get booted the first hand with A-A but I got run down by BOTH of the others in the hand. Good times.
  4. Well as some of you all are aware, I have been on a pretty bad streak of late. 8 Months give or take a few minor wins. The cards have turned and I can't win a race, buy a pot or have a 90% favorite hold up to save my life it seems. It's been bad. And Full Tilt just magnifies the whole thing with their ridiculous 'Random Card Generator'. After I was knocked out of the TNC (First I might add) last night I decided to try my hand once more to break this evil streak and capture that elusive 'Cash'. It's been a double digit drought since I've cashed and I was looking for a great place to land when I leaped from the window by this point. So I joined a $3 MTT. Almost 600 players, the Top 66 get paid and top prize is almost $400. Eyeing a deep finish and a cure to my ills I put my money down and promptly folded the first 8 horrendous hands. Now to make a long story short I will zoom ahead. I finally starting catching some cards and even won a couple of big races. Craziness, I know. Low and behold we are sitting around with less than 40 people in the tourney and I have $250,000 in chips and in 2nd position over all. Who would have thunk it? Now obviously I've cashed at this point but a cash out would net me maybe $5 and that just didn't cut it for these long hard months of anguish. I continued my aggressive, yet controlled play. Now shortly there after these '3 Magic Hands' came my way and changed everything. Let me allow you to relive these thrilling moments with me: Magic hand #1: This kind of speaks for itself so enjoy the read. Seat 1: m3mn0ch (82,244) Seat 2: maxiblaster (39,139) Seat 3: enigmarick (211,978) Seat 5: jdeliganis (66,879) Seat 6: papanicks (108,872) m3mn0ch antes 400 maxiblaster antes 400 enigmarick antes 400 jdeliganis antes 400 papanicks antes 400 m3mn0ch posts the small blind of 1,500 maxiblaster posts the big blind of 3,000 The button is in seat #6 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to enigmarick [Ks Ad] enigmarick raises to 12,500 jdeliganis calls 12,500 papanicks folds m3mn0ch folds maxiblaster folds *** FLOP *** [Ac Jc 5d] enigmarick bets 3,000 jdeliganis calls 3,000 *** TURN *** [Ac Jc 5d] [3h] enigmarick bets 37,500 jdeliganis calls 37,500 *** RIVER *** [Ac Jc 5d 3h] [Kh] enigmarick has 15 seconds left to act enigmarick bets 13,479 jdeliganis calls 13,479, and is all in *** SHOW DOWN *** enigmarick shows [Ks Ad] two pair, Aces and Kings jdeliganis shows [Qc Tc] a straight, Ace high jdeliganis wins the pot (139,458) with a straight, Ace high So needless to say I am steaming at this point and probably should have gotten up, kicked the dog and got a beer. But oh no, I continued playing and the very next hand was.... Magic Hand #2: Looking back I should have folded pre-flop, but I was the BB and he only Min Raised. I was trying to continue my aggression and hopefully win back some of my money so I made the call to see what the flop would bring. Now I really felt when I called the All In it was probably a bad call. But I was steaming, I had top Pair and a gut shot. I mean what could this guy possibly have anyway? Seat 1: m3mn0ch (80,344) Seat 2: maxiblaster (35,739) Seat 3: enigmarick (145,099) Seat 5: jdeliganis (139,458) Seat 6: papanicks (108,472) m3mn0ch antes 400 maxiblaster antes 400 enigmarick antes 400 jdeliganis antes 400 papanicks antes 400 maxiblaster posts the small blind of 1,500 enigmarick posts the big blind of 3,000 The button is in seat #1 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to enigmarick [9s 8d] jdeliganis folds papanicks raises to 6,000 enigmarick: lol m3mn0ch folds maxiblaster folds enigmarick calls 3,000 *** FLOP *** [9c 6s 4c] enigmarick checks papanicks bets 3,000 enigmarick raises to 15,000 papanicks calls 12,000 *** TURN *** [9c 6s 4c] [5s] enigmarick bets 30,000 papanicks raises to 87,072, and is all in enigmarick has 15 seconds left to act enigmarick calls 57,072 papanicks shows [7h 8h] enigmarick shows [9s 8d] *** RIVER *** [9c 6s 4c 5s] [5c] papanicks shows a straight, Nine high enigmarick shows two pair, Nines and Fives papanicks wins the pot (219,644) with a straight, Nine high Magic Hand #3: At this point I am totally blown away. Back to Back killers like that and I go from $211,000 to $30,000. So much for my big 'Get Back' score and so much for my change of luck. Now another blunder of mine was having read the, 'Every hand Revealed' from my FORMER favorite Poker Player, Gus Hansen. Through out that book Gus talks percentages. And one of the biggest things he talks about is the percentage of someone hitting the flop. Now he says that percentage is very low. Now wait one minute my friend. During these past few very dark months I would beg to differ. I'm figuring if I hit the flop then my opponent is at least 80% or higher to hit and or hit better. Case in point is below. Seat 1: m3mn0ch (73,944) Seat 2: maxiblaster (68,951) Seat 3: enigmarick (79,154) Seat 5: jdeliganis (68,219) Seat 6: papanicks (220,044) m3mn0ch antes 400 maxiblaster antes 400 enigmarick antes 400 jdeliganis antes 400 papanicks antes 400 enigmarick posts the small blind of 1,500 jdeliganis posts the big blind of 3,000 The button is in seat #2 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to enigmarick [8s 8h] papanicks calls 3,000 m3mn0ch folds maxiblaster folds enigmarick raises to 14,000 jdeliganis folds papanicks calls 11,000 *** FLOP *** [4s 2c Kh] enigmarick bets 64,754, and is all in papanicks calls 64,754 enigmarick shows [8s 8h] papanicks shows [Ks Ts] *** TURN *** [4s 2c Kh] [Ad] *** RIVER *** [4s 2c Kh Ad] [Ah] enigmarick shows two pair, Aces and Eights papanicks shows two pair, Aces and Kings papanicks wins the pot (162,508) with two pair, Aces and Kings Now I bet out 4 & 1/2 times the BB pre-flop. When the flop hit 4-2-K the first thing I thought about was Gus' book. I guess there was a chance he had a higher pocket pair but the way he had been playing I think he would have attempted to put me All In pre-flop so that was out. The only scare card on the board was the King and that's just one of 52 cards he could be holding. I don't want to see any more overs hit the board so I felt an All In would take it down right there. I mean what are the chances he's holding the only card to hit that board that had me beat? About 120%. Thanks Gus.

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