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  1. Let me preface this by saying I have been playing on PokerStars since before black Friday, and have been on Stars NJ since its inception about 5 years ago. Recently they have added a sports book to their software. I had a significant issue with PokerStars a few weeks back which left me uneasy when their support ignored several of my emails, until finally responding with something along the lines of "the manager that handles this issue is out of the office" (I still have the email). This could be a viable excuse for one day MAYBE, but not when I have previously been ignored for an extended period of time. Then, the next series of events left me appalled. So last night my brother placed a bet on the Sacramento Kings -2.5 and they won the game by 19. Not only has PokerStars been incredibly lazy with paying out bets (INCREDIBLY), they actually marked this bet as a loss! I was sitting next to him as it happened and he emailed support about it. Then, the exact same thing happened to me today! I bet under 39.5 points in the Army/Navy college football game, of which the final score was 17-10. Again, this bet was marked as a loss (I have screenshot evidence and have already emailed support but, shockingly, no response). At this point I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt and just say that maybe the employees that are handling sports bet payouts are incompetent, and that they're not scamming people, but the fact that it happened a 2nd time is another red flag. Regardless, I wanted to make my experience known to those of you that frequent PokerStars New Jersey, or maybe those that play in general on PokerStars, as this is a reflection of the company itself. The entire series of events the last few weeks has been appallingly unprofessional, considering the size and reputation of the company in the poker industry. Perhaps I'm not even alone, maybe there are stories from others. But, regardless, this type of unprofessionalism is unacceptable... from the lack of proper response time and response content, to incorrectly labeling winning bets as a loss. I just want to make it known to the poker world because it surprised me. I will probably also post this on 2+2 when I can get around to it. I realize there is inherent risk in this industry but I've never come across instances such as this with a company as reputable as PokerStars before.

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