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  1. so there's ~$375 in the pot and its $75 to call, and Villain 2 has $82 behind. Hands that beat you are pocket 2's, 5's, 6's and A's. With the odds that you're getting it's either a shove or at least a call, with your reads probably a shove. I would probably have just called, but would be interested to hear whether a call or a shove is better mathematically from someone that is obviously a better player than I am. From my experiences live, people seem to make so many plays that make you wonder what the hell was going through their head when they put their chips in the middle with the hands they have. It's rare for someone to have slow-played their flopped boat against you but I'd definitely be prepared for one of them to show it. If I had 22 I would have called pre, checked the flop, but raised the turn. I'd feel like not raising the turn is a missed chance to extract value for my hand. AK I would have raised pre

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