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  1. We take security very seriously but the message that BubbaKGB saw is of absolutely no value in and of itself. You are no less safe on DraftKings than you are on any site regardless of that message. We had error messaging temporarily enabled to root out a bug. This is not a security issue. As far as the insinuation that I'm being lied to or don't understand the topic, I have my bachelors degree in computer science and was a systems and database administrator prior to my run at poker, admittedly it has been a long time since I've put that knowledge to work but I can promise you that I certainly understand what I'm being told by my developers and that they're not "lying" to me or covering anything up. What's being posted here is copy and pasted stories from other websites describing the hacking or bad design of poorly secured websites and has no more bearing on DraftKings than it does to any other website. There is unfortunately little more I can say here other than to reiterate that the error message has absolutely no value.

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