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  1. Alright sure np I'll do it then.. just let me know when we are doing it
  2. Do you guys want me to be a captain? I'm really disconnected from the poker world tbh I would have no idea who i was drafting
  3. There should be captains and there should be a draft.. more interest from ppl and u get to meet new ppl
  4. yeh 5400 pre OOP and all its fine in position... b/f 4850 otf as played imo...
  5. man u musta been bored or something...
  6. so this is what happens when you always have it
  7. Could be ur best post ever I laughed my ass off ty
  8. being positive helps you make the best decisions.. so on that regard I agree with OP.. but being positive doesn't inherently affect how the cards runout AK vs QQ.. sry.. if ur a good poker player over a long period of time u will do well and show profit.. agree with pgh tbh... I'm sure the reason uve done well OP is cuz u are good at poker ..

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