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  1. americas card room is in fact rigged

    Hummm... that has become a pretty toxic forum environment from what I read. I guess there should be room for expressing opinions one way or the other because nobody (I suspect) is ever gonna be able to prove that sites like Pokerstars is rigged or not rigged. So, why not keep an open mind about the different possibilities. Why take the high moral road as if there should be ONE truth in this debate. I am not a great poker player. But I know what variance is. I just feel that there are limits to what variance can account for. There are times where I have doubts but I know that where there is a lot of money involved, it is rarely all above board. There are things that I find hard to accept if dealing was really random: 1) have you noticed how often on Jokerstars that if one player has a pocket pair, another one at the same table is very likely to have one, well beyond odds. Am I the only one to have noticed it? 2) The odds. In live poker, there are times where high card Ace will win the table. In Jokerstars, I am always amazed that someone ALWAYS (or almost always) has what it takes to complete a perfect hand. Today, I was playing a table where the flop was Ace, King, Queen. I had a queen and a king pocket. Pretty good isn't it. I thought, could someone (only 3 other players) else have a pocket 10 and Jack. Guess what. I found out that, of course, somebody did. I say of course because, if this happened once in a while, variance could account for it. I feel it's way beyond that. Of course, my arguments have no value other than observational. I wonder if I am the only one to have observed that. To know, one would have to collect data on millions of hands both at Jokerstars and live and compare data. Have a good poker day, whether live or on line. :)

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