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    Placed in a tourney on 6/22 for 2k..first time ever for an amount that high..pretty proud of myself..headed to Foxwoods to play in the 600 mega sat & win..yup high hopes
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    32Red Poker
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    AC7C and 77
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    being me playin poker
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    duh poker & family
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    1-2 nl, 5-10 nl
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    $60 $80 turbo live, 120 mtt,

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  1. My thoughts exactly on the scores..also the fact that for what its worth bustyou doesn't got back on his word. He's a true stand up guy. I know that for a fact as well as many others on here. As far as johng21 he should think before he writes as he admitted to stealing..and as far as training bustyou that's the biggest bunch of bs I've ever heard. Why would you need a backer if you're so good. Karma is a big bi**h and Johng21 will get what's coming to him so will the others. Bustyou gl and you know who are your true friends.
  2. http://scottmatusow.com/blog/2011/06/30/full-tilt-poker-controlling-interest-sold-usa-players-to-be-paid-as-part-of-deal/ http://Http://bit.ly/1Ud96L#fulltiltpoker Full tilt poker controlling interest sold usa players to be paid as part of deal Twittered by mikethemouth
  3. [url]http://scottmatusow.com/blog/2011/06/30/full-tilt-poker-controlling-interest-sold-usa-players-to-be-paid-as-part-of-deal/[/url]

  4. Lol @ tucci007 they do have some decent live bands...I normally go to Foxwoods just for poker..but lately they've had some decent comedians and concerts. Im playin the mega sat and mon only bc I've been on a great run there, cashed in a tourney that's payin for my buyins..hopin I make it far in this mega stacks..was going to use a backer I met but wanted to do this on my own. She and her husband actually play at the woods themselves.. Gl to you and all who are playing..
  5. Gl to all playing in mega stacks..ill be playing the $600 sat and $300 mon...as well as the acts to get into the $1200 tourney..the way my lucks been @ Foxwoods lately ill be playin in the $1200...
  6. hey i get free rooms at woods now ever sun-wed i tried to let joe know but don't know if he saw my post. I get the rooms every wk of every month didn't know if he/u we're interested for the mega otherwise im givin them away thanks

  7. hope ur ok...worried about yan the things goin on

  8. ive actually have won more money than whats posted on here!!

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