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  1. So someone told me about this and just wanted to say a couple things: 1) The only reason I didn't respond to Luke's diatribe vs. me isn't because I think I'm too good to respond to him or anything, but mainly because I don't want to get into a debate about my character on Twitter. It's completely unproductive and isn't going to prove anything either way. Have I said some arrogant things on Twitter? Sure no doubt (I will say that some of them were tongue-in-cheek because I know people think I'm very arrogant so was just playing off that). I like to think that most people who have met me though don't find me that way. If not, well I'm sorry for that but I don't think I'm this arrogant douche who blows everyone off all the time. I don't deny that some of Luke's criticism is warranted but not responding to him was mainly because I don't think arguing about on Twitter accomplishes anything. 2) I don't post here anymore or read the forums because I simply don't have the time to anymore. When I was hyper-posting on here I was in college and other than cramming for exams had a lot of free time where I could read and post etc. The time I had here was extremely fun, I learned a lot about things, made some great friends, and I do miss just being able to sit around for hours shooting the shit but I simply don't have the time having a "real job" or whatever now. The problem isn't that I'm too good for OT; OT just consumes too much time when I have a relatively shortened time frame to maximize my earning potential in poker. Even though everyone thinks I'm "hollywood from OT," whenever I'm in Vegas I'm still always down to say hi, meet up with people etc. I just can't really post on here without it being a major distraction to me. Anyway, thanks to the friends who did support me on here and I think most of the people who don't like me, they never did like me and that's alright with me.

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