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  1. FTP servers down???

    Ok. No more FT for me. Only Stars and Party from this day forth. :P
  2. FTP servers down???

  3. Party Poker Tech Issues

    Same :( What a joke was in the $30k and $10k. Never happened to me before. I guess they will just refund the buyin but what a waste of an evening lol Maybe they'll distribute the prizepool between remaining players :) I just got an email saying there IS an issue their end and for anybody playing an MTT during the disconnection here are the terms... Full disconnection terms can be found here... http://www.partypoker.com/how_to_play/using_our_software/discon_canc.html
  4. Party Poker Tech Issues

    Anyone else having problems sitting down on Party Poker? I was in 2 tourneys and the connection status says there's no issues their end yet I cannot sit down. I've tried 3 different laptops on 2 different internet connections and they're all the same. Anyone having the same issue?
  5. second pjammer rizen apestyles book?

    Can someone link me up to their first one? Cheers.
  6. HYPER turbo WCOOP satellites

    Hyper Turbos aka Bankroll Killers :P
  7. What is your biggest MTT leak?

    My ranges widen late in tourneys with so much in the pot pre. I MUST STOP OVERPLAYING A-Q !! lol.
  8. Anyone play on Party Poker?

    v small / weak fields. big overlays in tourneys and sattys.
  9. Full Tilt Leaderboard Points?

    Fairly new to FTP, does anyone know how you can check your MTT leaderboard standings? On stars it all within the client but I cant seem to find it on Tilt?
  10. Breaking my slump!!

    Excellent Welldone Mate
  11. The look of FTP compared to PStars

    I did play 100% on Stars till I took a shot at a few FTOPSmini events. Since then I play 100% on Tilt. Its better on so many levels, MTT selection, Field Sizes, etc...
  12. Quick MiniFTOPS ME Question???

    lol thx. glad i asked, wuda been a late night playing over here in england :):):)
  13. Quick MiniFTOPS ME Question???

    Is this a 2day event? I assume it should be although cant see it stated on tilt or their site? Thanks
  14. MICRO stakes SUPERNOVA

    Yeah this promotion is sick. I got bout 3k VPPs this month playing medium volume $10-$20 SnGs. So thats 70,000 VPPs :) Not sure I'll make it 7,000 for 80,000 VPPSs as I have exams atm lol.
  15. GL Timex, CL WPT Venice - 36 left

    glglglgl 2 Minieri !!!

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