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  1. i wanabe your online aprentice get sumstaking on the go check me out m8 and gl

  2. I was sad becuase I got it in bad twice, although they were both super standard plays. Also, winning a mil just isnt that huge of a deal to me. edit: I was thinking and it really is a big deal to me to win a mil and a wpt title but I have worked hard in the past on not letting my emotions get into my game at all, whether or not I win or lose. If you watch the PCA where I took 5th, I probably reacted the same, as well as the time I bubbled the WPT in biloxi and when I took 2nd in Niagara. Also, I dont think it is quite right for all the young kids to get up and run aroun acting like semiidiots. But yeah, basically, I just dont get excited about winning, losing, or money.
  3. Blah...I took 4th. Gl to lilholdem.
  4. It has been a nice 5 months...Another top 6 would make it a sick 5 months. :)
  5. I dont know bdubs or anything about this situation, but bdubs seems like a total clown. I am not sure if he is even being serious or not, although I think he is. Learn to take a joke, stop being a dick, and grow up.
  6. If anyone cares, I am in the top 4, after beating Tom Roberto, Michael Mizrachi, Dave singer, Nenad Medic and Ryan Hughes. Hopefully stuff goes right tomorrow.
  7. Fwiw, I chopped with JC, with myself getting $191,000 and him getting the rest.
  8. Shannon is 21, so he wasnt at foxwoods 2 years ago. He played mainly $215 and $530 sngs a while back and made the jump to 10/20 and 25/50 nl mainly on party about 3 months ago and is pwning them nicely. He is basically my travel patner, as we have been roomies in austria, bahamas, vegas, and lake tahoe. We will both probably play at the ept in barcelona once he wins this. He claimed he was going to go back to school if he didnt win 500k on this last vegas trip...but it looks like he will now, as he has already chopped 3 $1000 bellagio mtts in the last few weeks for 75kish. Good luck to him.
  9. Ship the dough to my boy bonafone.
  10. I was pretty amazed that they let me get away with taking $500 less than the guy who had like 150k more chips than me. Fwiw, I told myself that 90 was the lowest I would go, as by icm, i should have gotten like 86k and I knew I was better than the 2 donks at the table. As for what I play, I usually play $200-$2000 sngs on party. I am also in the process of learning nl cash. Ship the dealmaking dough.
  11. I got my room at the goldstrike for $50 a night by calling 662 357 1136 and asking to speak to Sonya and telling her you are comming down for the poker tourney. hope this helps.
  12. Well, I just finished the $540 mtt at goldstrike. I came in 47th, which kind of makes me sad because I got off to a dumbly good start, having 5x the starting chips at the first break. I took 3 stupid beats over about 6 hands in the mid levels which kind of sucks. 47th was just itm, as they paid to 50 people. $270 profit...woohoo...hopefully tomorrow I will do well in the $1060 and make some real money. I have to get to sleep cause it starts in 8 hours. GL to all those who are going to play it.
  13. probably...i was the kind of short guy wearing a black and white hoodie. I've decided in the last 5 minutes to play the rebuy tonight even though i feel horrible. Gl if you play it.
  14. I was watching my teacher (the really old guy) at the $300 final table at the strike last night. He had like 1 bb and managed to get 7th which was cool for him. I havent playted anything except the $550 mtt at the grand which had 1400 people. I ended up taking 22nd in that, which is kinda disappointing. I am debating whether or not to play the $550 rebuy at the strike tonight because I am feeling really crappy. Oh well...gl to everyone else for the rest of the events.

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