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  1. Thank you both! That is exactly the kind of explanations I am seeking, by posting this. I know it wasn't a true bad beat, I could could just chalk it up to the variance. I know there's not too many other ways it could play out. I was just trying to gain insight into a deeper level of thinking from the higher powers! Which is exactly what I am getting. A more in-depth approach to reasoning here. Are you comfortable getting it all in pre f here? ~ Knowing that you could still have 30+BB if folded. Would that have been an absolute horrible place to fold. At what hand range % would you consider a fold, if ever? ~ 11% or less..? at 17% would it be unheard of to feel I was already behind.. Even though this looked like a perfect resteal spot from a capable opponent. Is that just too much to NEVER fold pre?

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