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  1. yeah agree, would be awsome to change the end game structure in 100r!
  2. sry, wasnt 100pc sure till now anyways, gonna play day1 b gl sir
  3. hehe didnt get the pig stuff but i luk if i somehow hurt my head and change my mind;)
  4. Its like shooting urself in the foot. Usualy in other sports people do it because they are to old to do it anymore OR they do it for something they are related with not ONLY for money. Ofcourse it can also be a business like in some football or basketball league etc but who doesnt agree that business kills the sport spirit anyway?? Also guys who are coaching could or should at least make enough money by themselves that they dont really need it financially. I dont understand why you would educate your own competition its like if nadal would have training with federer I dk, prolly bad example :P.... On the other hand I m also kind of tempted to do it, sounds like fun and money is very nice as well but sticking to my principles. But yeah, its a free world and I odnt condamn anybody its just my opinion. As for the subject of this thread, why are people giving so honest responses to a guy who trolls over and over, i mean i find it entertaining somehow but yeah we....
  5. I see the turbo-hotrunner-lifetime-shoveboxes have already started doing there work well and stealing my equity... Hotter75? U serious? graz
  6. bounties for the blacklist? :p prolly in as well, will confirm (by sending) next week.
  7. lol @ taking the time to do this, def need some heart for that... Did you use PT or HM, or real notes? Would be nice if people of the list are given the opportunity to defend themselves and the community can vote, thoughts?
  8. haha yeah hear ya, I allways go on insta tilt as soon as i bust it and start openshoving atc on all the mtts i have left... Getting scarily frequent... sometimes i get a stack early on then start regging more and i bust ST in 45 mins and tiiiilt...;) That mtt just starts to late for us imo, especialy when we start regging with big 20... Thought on just skipping it but havent managed to do it yet:(
  9. hmm, just wondering how you gonna do that, like serious question. I mean it costs a lot of time to review an entire mtt, how do you chose which you gonna review and then how you know this is relevant? I mean you played like between 6 and 10 other mtts at the same time so I just dont see how you can grasp the way your entire previous sess went out, not sure if I express myself correctly... On an other note I still like having fun (on a downswing) when I grind to not lose motivation/love for the game. What I mean is like not necessarily dropping stakes but maybe play less tables and games you like and enjoy playing even if its maybe not the most plusEV choice. For example I might drop a bit of volume but still play some deeper structure like 320 6 max, or w/e you like, because I have fun playing em but then on the other side play also high value mtts like hots and lower bi mtts like big 11... We all wanna make money but I think enjoying the game should be nr1... Also try to not have auto-pilote moves, allways play one hand at a time, there are nearly allways specific informations to every hand you play. Try to allways remember when you play a hand WHY you play it the way you play it. Dont consider yourself on a downswing.
  10. anymore? what sample r u talking of? oh and anything on Fulltilt (graz all!), any turbo (besides mircomillion, graz me!) and the 20cubed 25k grnt, seams like the toughest mtt on the net, people shove like absolute bauces its annoying... rarely play it anymore, when u beat u beat.

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