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    Former professional Counter-Strike player under the alias shaGuar. Follow me on twitter @GriffinBenger.
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  1. Damn that is a serious fruit basket!

  2. Whats up now Swedes, Whooooooo

  3. lol u have no friends

  4. I gotta be perfectly honest, I still don't even really know how the old rankings worked let alone the new ones. Sounds like this is gonna hurt my cause though since I'm only really going to be playing two days a week for the next while. Boo-urns. Enjoy #1 choppy, I'll still try to give you a sweat.
  5. very impressive

  6. bull crap u know im one of the faves

  7. Do you really think, in a $33 tournament when my ABI is $150, after an overcaller, with 50 chips in the pot, and just 90 to call, 150 BB deep, I wouldn't peel with ANY heart combos unless it included an Ace? Do you think that like, only nut flushes are worth stacking off with or something? You really need to open up your imagination, and presumably, your poker game. Steve Murkle asked the most important question here, and for the record, I didn't know he was a reg. If I had, I certainly would have checked the river because I would expect my opponent to bet his entire overpair value ran
  8. Backdoor flushes only come if you believe in them. Entitied.
  9. slow down buddy March PLB is mine.

  10. grats on all the success... sicko

  11. gangster double nightly win. Keep it up!

  12. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoMTHCLhJp8[/url]


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