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  1. I don't like the check-raise on the flop, it turns our hand into a semi-bluff and if he jams we are likely to be way behind his 4 bet jamming range - if we call we're hoping we hit our flush and he doesn't hold A or K high flush, is pairing a J or T helping us if he has For sure, I think he continuation bets 100% of the time on this board with any pair, Ax and any hand that hold a Q. It's unlikely he has a 3. I edge to calling his CBET on the flop and re-evaluate turn. At this point we got a lot of outs to a runner-runner straight and flush. JTs isn't a powerhouse hand, but I think if another diamond comes Turn we're getting it in. Definitely consensus is call and re-evaluate turn.
  2. I think irrespective of his raise we should be putting him pre-flop. If we call, he gets it in regardless - he's not folding. We can put him on a liberal range of 22+,A2s+,K4s+,Q7s+,J8s+,T8s+,98s,A2o+,K9o+,Q9o+,JTo as a minimum from the CO, in my estimation we have around 37% equity to call and have 38% equity in the pot. You have a stack of 44bb stack, and in effect only have to call 4x for a ALL-IN anyway. What difference does going to 40bb make? Not much. In regards to table dynamics, it does give some indication to some of the shorter stacks that you would call quite wide against a shove - so may work in your favour. These types of plays made by the CO I think are typically made by regs against other regs who may be multi-tabling and not making enough detail to stack sizes, hoping you fold to the raise. I'm jamming marginally with K4o, definitely 22+,A2s+,K2s+,Q5s+,J7s+,75s+,A2o+,K6o+,Q9o+,JTo
  3. I use a MAC and had similar issues. Most of the leading sites offer software for MAC, I have Stars, Party and Tilt installed. However I've installed Parallels and run a Windows OS on top of the MAC to take advantage of HM2. Let me know if you use Poker Tracker on the MAC itself, curious to know how it is.
  4. As PokerDude said, I'm probably calling with 88 / 99 + against this guy. you got 20 BB and a chance to double up against someone who you've seen do this on a number of occasions - I'm calling, with 40 BB as effective stacks, you then can think fold and preserve stacks size. I think he loses a lot of value 3 bet jamming as anyone holding small / mid pairs to 88 poss, most Ax hands and suited connectors fold. I'd look at his stat's to see which position he 3 bets most often, 3 bet vs Hero and you're 3 bet value. Call all day against this guy with 20 BB, same as you would probably do against Players 8, 1 , 3 and 5 (except if they running at 7/5/1) LOL Good luck at the tables man
  5. Simply a cooler. Guys stats so passive at 20/5. I'd definitely be getting it in, unlikely he would be holding 88, 99, A8, A9, AA on that flopped board, especially with the fact that we 2 paired the board. To put him on a range there's probably a lot of Ax, small pairs and suited connector hands, he could be jamming w JT / 67. I can't see how a 20/5 is limping premium's, could be one of those situations where he overvalues AT, AJ and took your flat call in SB as reason to steal on the flop overvaluing top pair. Strange play and definitely one in the long term I think that is unprofitable for him and profitable for you.
  6. In essence you have 61 BB. Without a good enough read on your opponents, I think folding is the best way forward. If you go ahead and re-raise the BB on the flop and either the SB or BB then shove, where are you at in the hand? You can conclude that one is on a made draw and the other has hit a set - to which you are behind on both. BB pre-flop may have called with any 2 cards such as Q9, i think Q5 is probably way to loose and even by any standards - he has the price to call. I think QQ is for sure a raise from either pre-flop. 99 and 55 would be a call. Depending on their read of you, 99 and 55 would definitely flat to see if they can hit on the flop. Both get great value to set mine and see the flop reasonably cheaply. With the donk led and subsequent raise, I'm inclined to fold. Tight, maybe a little, but how comfortable do I feel getting in 30 BB of my 60 BB stack on the flop, possibly behind to an already made flush - Bang there goes 2 of your outs already for the flush draw or a set. I think with this much post flop action from the blinds out of position against the pre-flop raiser, it's unlikely any flop re-raise from youwill get action heads up, where even if you do, likely are behind to an already made set, flush, 2 pair. Hell there might even be a straight flush draw out there (JcTc). I think in this case, fold. Be a bit nitty and preserve your 60BB stack and look for another spot. Get your chips when you have an advantage. Just to clarify, your stack is double the size of the SB and BB. Up until this point, had you been playing quite aggro and showing down quite weak holdings. If this is the case against solid regs, they will probably want a piece of you and the board scary like this is good enough to throw you off a decent pre-flop hand. Just a thought!!

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