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    Enjoy grinding poker mtts and plo cash. Want to enjoy life and ship the wins!
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    sooted connectors
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    Poker Player
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    Bay 101, WSOP in Vegas,
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    Gym, Golf, Basketball, Reading and chillaxing
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    6max PLO
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    Heads Up MTTs


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  1. I would definitely invest in a Poker Coach, and my coach Drewpeacoq8 is very affordable and an excellent coach. Sounds like you are trying to make strides in your game and it may just need some fine-tuning in some areas. John (Drewpeacoq8) is great at spotting leaks using PT4 and HEM2 for analysis. Best of luck to you OP and I will follow your journey to success in the Poker arena :)
  2. Hey Lappy, I'm old and your friend, so when we getting the el cafe? Haha, very cool goals bro, lets crush 2016 goals!
  3. Awesome bink bro! Best of luck to you abroad and bring the gold back to the US
  4. Great post Will, the faith struggle is real but glad to hear you are working on that! Keep the Faith bro and everything else is ez game. glgl!!
  5. My Goals for 2016 1. Keep Full Time Grinder status 2. Keep going to Gym 3x-5x week with 15 lbs of body weight lost (currently at 190) 3. 100k profit for the year with 15-30 mtts per day 4. Startup Twitch Channel with a consistent schedule 5. Keep the Faith with growth spiritually 6. Strengthen relationships and re-connect w/family and friends 7. Reach #1 ranking in California and top 10 in US on P5's 8. Move out of apartment and into a house 9. Be debt free and give more to charity/volunteering 10. Create a bigger and better goals list for 2017 to top this 2016's list
  6. You are doing a great job bro! Keep it up!!

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