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  1. @Godzilla Players expecting opponents to notice this more than once to build a "leave a little behind" range for them is silly, let alone expecting them to remember this tendency/write a note and see it in the future. So by that logic any player at the table who has a close decision to fold, call, or iso your all in should probably side on not folding since the population does this with predominantly less than stellar hands. Keep that in mind even if you yourself are balanced with this "play" when raising when your stack is more than about 4bbs (the point when big blind calls with any two cards and other opponent's calling ranges may change based on your action) in a buy-in of $25 or more. Below that buy-in not enough people call all-ins correctly anyway so the difference in EV is probably closer to equal. The only time a strategy similar to this that in my opinion has any merit is on the stone bubble with 10-15bbs in early to middle position with AK, QQ, and JJ. Open raising to half your stack with the intention of folding if 3 or more players go all in behind you is definitely higher $EV than an open all in. ***TLDR: I expect the long term EV of keeping all of your range as an all in is greater than the potential EV increase of opponents making overly tight folds because they didn't notice the small amount behind.

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