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  1. Jesus. This thread has made me decide to close my account at p5's. You should be ashamed of yourselves but most of you making fun of this guy and just being completely classless don't understand. This place is just a cesspool of mostly career fucking losers and people that will never be happy with themselves.
  2. If by worst 4th quarter qb you mean best 4th quarter qb rating of all active qb's then yes, you are correct.
  3. Think you might be living in the wrong place and working in the wrong industry.
  4. Clicking on the video links you to the youtube page. Apparently its a tapeworm that a cat puked up along with it's lunch.
  5. idk if this is some shot at me? or something but im pretty sure the issue at hand was solved last page. take a couple deep breaths.
  6. I have several friends in the industry and it's my understanding that for bar tabs % isn't really relevant. If you sit at the bar for 4 hours occupying a seat while you sip on a $5 pitcher, a $2 tip really isn't acceptable. If you walk up and order 4 $8 shots to take , $5 or $6 is probably fine. Bartenders get really busy and are always gonna be pouring drinks as quick as they can because sales = tips. It's not that difficult to gauge what the problem is and address it. If you're standing away from the bar and making no attempt to assert yourself you're probably going to wait a while. Smile and speak up, maybe wink at the bartender and say "when you get a second can I get a couple shots of xx "?". Being friendly yet assertive will get you a long ways.
  7. Have a friend that looks exactly like tiger alot of the time. Dunno if I should post his pic without him knowing though
  8. When I first watched the video I couldn't believe they shot him/that it was justified but idk how they can not shoot him after watching every frame of the video.
  9. Boom. YES. What's your name & location? I'm The S. (Orlando)
  10. If you've never been here you should definitely check out downtown disney and city walk (universal). Lots of people just like yourself from out of town and tons of restaurants & bars. Downtown Orlando is usually decent from thur-sat and a few days in between. Alot depends on the kind of things you enjoy at home. The new Amway arena is really nice to catch a magic game as stated above. If you want a pretty good meal check out vito's chop house on international drive. Sit at the bar and ask if Robie (pronounced Robbie) is working, he'll probably be the one helping you.
  11. Incorrect. Radio Shack has been rad for me. They take care of the rebates and are generally way less busy than best buy, more personable etc. Check em out.

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