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  1. WAX is actually one of the coins im looking to start a position. Thanks for the reminder to buy.
  2. Anyone not holding a lot of Bitcoin is getting wrecked right now. Those holding a lot of Bitcoin are getting less wrecked
  3. If you don't hold at least 50% of your crypto in Bitcoin, you are positioning yourself to get wrecked. If you don't hold at least 5% of your networth in cryptoassets, you are positioning yourself to get wrecked.
  4. FouTight


    My personal best is 11.9K as a solo on a server before I knew about the extension. just found this 22,500: The Maximum Size Limit challenge accepted.
  5. FouTight


    you dont have to click your mouse at any point during the game actually.... just hover and ur ball follows ur mouse
  6. FouTight


    ill be playing tonight around 8pm eastern if others want to join and dominate
  7. FouTight


    I saw some [OT] tags on Agario recently... was wondering if it was you guys. Ive been playing last few days, didnt know about the extension or whatever . Still managed to get to first on the leaderboard without a buddy in the game. edit: wow these extra features like mouse zoom and seeing mass of everyone is really cluth
  8. I've decided to play a bunch of events this year and sell between 25%-50% of each of the biggest events that I will be playing (markup of 1.15). I am looking to sell 4 shares of 5% for ALL tournaments. 727$US per share I am looking to sell 5 shares of 1% of ALL tournaments. 145$US per share. Selling these first 9 shares will cover 25% of all my tournaments and guarantee that I will playing most of these events. In the events that I am selling more than 25% I will sell the extra shares in chunks of 5%. For example, in the Super Tuesday I will sell 50% of the total buyin. This means there are 5 extra shares available for this tournaments at 60$ per share. If you are interested in buying some shares or have any questions, please message me. ** I might not play all of the events if, for example, I go to bed too late (probably due to crushing live poker) and dont have enough rest to bring my A game I will pass on some of the events. I will obviously refund those who invested in any tournament that is not played. Indicate which shares you want to purchase and send to FouTight (no image, canada) on stars
  9. Time to defend my belt! :D Sent for both! Love the way the scoring is set up, keeps it interesting until the end of the year!
  10. Yea you can... show up in Revy ill be your guide :)
  11. Especially nice I was able to bink it on my last official grind day of the year. Now off to enjoy 5months of white powder in Revelstoke , BC :D
  12. they forgot to mention all the illegal feeds ;)

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