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  1. GLGL. I wouldn't blow the wad on a gaming desktop for poker grinding. I would however get a really big HD monitor
  2. 888, Can you keep the results in the 606 in your lobby longer? Actually, keep the finished tourneys for anything over $300 prize pools. Also, when is this series happening? .... Crickets.
  3. I think ODI just wanted confirmation that he was on such an awesome team.
  4. Draft results: Team Jedimind doodysocks3, pker4dummies, gratefuld3ad Team Breza: ilicis, wishIhadsomeluck, snouch1313 Team FrickenWacko: IAmDewman, nutsooncow, odi420 Team bmweiser: jenger, billybackpac, dhoffman87 LFG!
  5. @bmweiser, PM me and jedimind with skype contact info. We have a chat set up.
  6. Just waiting on bmweiser to PM me and we have a skype chat set up.
  7. Auction might be best, but i prefer super simple. Let's not make this more complicated than it has to be. I propose we do a snake draft.
  8. In for skype draft. I can do pretty much any time on Sunday. Let's just make is easy on you. You can just ship the money over now because I plan on drafting the most badass team.
  9. Too many kids posting on P5's I guess. Gotta find time in between popping bottles and paying $100 tips.
  10. I plan on playing 95%+ of everything. Will try to make all, but ChaufferDad duties sometimes win over.
  11. MTT or cash? For MTT, I like the "attempt to steal" and "fold steal to 3 bet" stats.
  12. I posted all the proof. He is a thief. Who are you? You sound like a shill.
  13. Just joined P5. You're not the first to say this. The misunderstanding is that Anthony misunderstood that it is not ok to steal other people's money. Period.
  14. @DarkGrey, AP was fired and refused to return the remaining backer funds. How is this not stealing? Thanks for the advice on contracts. We'll be drawing up some detailed ones shortly. All horses have indicated no issues with signing them retroactively.

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