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  1. I totally agree. Seems ethical and necessary to me considering this pile of bullshit the poker community has had to go through since April. Standing up for yourself as a man (or human) is so important. However, having a career as a full time or supplemental income poker player is completely misunderstood by almost everyone who is not a winning poker player (including many weak or recreational players). Adding to this fact, even with the select few that DO understand that poker skill = profit, many of these same people do not encourage poker playing out of jealousy because they think we make money by "playing a game" and they are the ones that A) don't play games or B) lose at games because they are not competitive to start with. Finally, there are groups that are religiously or morally against it, or those who take bribes from casinos in order to shut down prominent offshore sites (in a GLOBAL economy). We, as poker players, should realize that we need to stand up for our rights - and just like portraying the right table image to our opponents, we must be honest and creative to explain what poker actually IS and the sacrifice and hard work it actually takes to win money consistently and in the long term. If the general non-poker playing public actually understood that poker is meant to be a job and is much more like a sport than a frivolous, immature game, then I believe we can start making progress and get inside the heads of our opposition in a more profound way. The image of poker needs a facelift. Until we do that, we are going to be seen as degenerates, video gamers and lowlifes. We must also remember that many people have a raging desire to attack what they simply do not understand OR what they do not WANT to understand (if they are religiously or morally opposed to poker and view it as gambling). Remember the movie X-Men? Here the U.S. government and other radical groups have a fear and loathing for mutants. Why? Most likely it's because they do not fit into society and are extremely different (like poker players). And, the second reason is that they are respected but feared because of the supernatural abilities or powers the mutants possess that make them powerful when compared to regular human beings. So in a nutshell, just like being aware of our table image, we must be aware of our Poker Image as it appears to the general public. We must educate our friends, acquaintances and enemies that poker is skill based, profitable, hard work, and ultimately, that poker is an honorable activity that we deserve to take part in. On a positive note, let's view the UIGEA and other vicious legislation as "labor pains" - contractions that must take place before the USA and the rest of the world wake up and make an effort to realize what the game of poker actually is - a recreational hobby for some and a livelihood for others. (North Bay, Ontario, Canada)

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