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  1. Hey guys, Im here in rome friday night and apparently tomorrow is a pretty bad time for hotel booking... looking for a room for me and 3 other poker playing friends, any help would be GREATLY appreciated. please PM me at your soonest convenience. thank you veryy much!
  2. just the fact that you posted this shows how horrible you are. call and be ahead 80% of the time. unlucky
  3. with no read, im folding this without thinking twice
  4. is there anyone who would be willing to sell some floor or couch space in their room that is playing the world poker finals at foxwoods?.. please PM me if you would be willing to let me stay for a few nights

    well, un fortunately i am currently being hacked by the same guy... hes taken over my aim account, and threatening to take over poker accoutns what did you do annette?
  6. Does anyone know where i can find the final table videos to buy/stream?? I heard that the final tables are in a studio and video taped... i am mainly interested in seeing the hellmuth win.. anyone have any info on this??"??
  7. here it is, LP shoves 4400 at 400/800, i call. AT vs K7 lose 10200 pot. very next hand i raise to 2400 on button with A2 to put bb allin. he calls his last 3200 with 76, lose that 7200 pot. next.. utg shoves 9 bbs utg, i call with AQ. chop a 16k pot on a 34567 board. NEXT..folds to SB.. he shoves 9 bbs, I call with Qc7c. he shows 42 and wins a 14800 pot on AJJT2 board. NEXT i have AA on button, steal blinds. NEXT, utg raises to 3200 at 600/1200, i go allin for 13k, with AQ, he thinks and calls with A9, i chop a 27900 pot on a 82328 board. and FINALLY... i raise to 3k in EP with and BB goes allin, i call with 88 and lose to AQ, who flopped the joint. (KJT) this is my motherfucking rundown of the 400/800 blind level that i went from penthouse to motherfucking outhouse in the 55$ 3k chips on stars. seriously.... ive been playing a long ass time, and i just couldnt believe that i continually got assfucked like that
  8. i am looking for season 3 episode 13 specifically.
  9. Does anyone know what sites let you stream the high stakes poker episodes, other than youtube???
  10. When are these bitches gonna start filling? I wanna see some high stakes action on the #1 site online!
  11. sorry, i do know know who brian townsend is, i am such a dweeb
  12. does ABA20 play on full tilt?
  13. the reason i say false is cause david usually short buys. Magic doesnt.
  14. false, he has his own name. SBrugby, whos that too

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