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  1. Look, I have issues, i get that, but are/is there anyone that is struggling with how fkd up this is? Again, I’m not playing the 7milly thing, but are they actually playing this same trash I am? I’d be kinna even more pissed if I was in anything for $2500 & the dealer was saying “Hey, here’s what he mucked”
  2. Seriously, how do they go like from having a muck function that actually is available to anyone that knows about it TO, ok let’s just not let ppl play poker the way it should be played, and let everyone know how they just lost that hand?
  3. Just won another, but every hand is exposed, this is total bs, wow
  4. So i am playing Jackpots, just won 60 on a 10$, but its painfully obvious how fucked up this bs is. Every play is expose! PPl, this is BS!!!! WPN has to pull this back.
  5. Look, disguising play is play probably the most important play u have, WPN says, fu, cant do that here. I seriously don’t get this is not a major thing.
  7. So, right now, I’m in some 3kgtd thing. Playing well, Stacked up, cards are never a factor for me, cause I ruin bad. BUT I’m 2nd stack. And this pos (WPN) is exposing every showdown I’m winning! THINK ABOUT THAT! I cant play the Venom sht but curious. Are there players competing in a 7MM that have ALL their showdown cards exposed?
  8. Actually, I think u got it backwards! They won’t let u muck. That’s fkd up too. I mean, So, used to, if u mucked a hand, this pos actually provided that info. Think about it! Really. Oh but that’s not a rig, lol Why the fk cant we play a ol poker site that actually tries to offer a real, live experience? When u play live & muck, that sht dont go no where! IT’S FKN MUCKED!!!!! WPN, well 1st its like (some of u can go here & get dat shit) THEN, they are like, “FK it, that too much trouble, lets just let it be available immediately to EVERYONE” (Think Bovada/Ignition) How about this, you muck a hand, NO ONE SEES IT!!!!!! Yeah, that’s just me, sry
  9. So, don’t rag on P5s for this. My last cash from recorded on P5s ACR was May 19. If your favorite bs ol poker network has decided not to report here, I mean, pay sharkscope, and you may find some of it there, but ud be a fool not to block your users there.
  10. Look, you can’t see what I’ve done since P5’s got smart and stopped tracking WPN’s trash, but click on b4. Not like the 4milly dude, but I’ve shipped since. But I’m as confused as u obv are. seriously, bots may be a thing on that other pos 2+2 thing, & that’s cash, I don’t play cash, so WPN is a casino virtual deal, that’s just a fact! You have better odds at any casino bar playing jacks r better! Because you got free top shelf drinks with that. Do the math, if u drink. AGAIN, play only if you you know the game, don’t play otherwise. im shocked how many times I own it, & you guys r probly way better than me maybe not but the og poster, dude has a 4milly tag, I mean, wtf, u can’t beat this bs? dude, grab ur muster seeds
  11. Ur lost in space, trust me. IT’S NOT BOTS!
  12. There are plenty of “real” players u can exploit
  13. your playing a virtual game, stop pretending otherwise
  14. Bots r not the problem, that’s silly

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