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    My free poker school: [url]www.ProPokerSchool.com[/url]
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    anyone that wins
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    Making ranked players cry!
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    Chinese poker

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  1. Many of you know what October 1st means, but to those who don't, it is the official start of slow roll season! Arguably my greatest gift to the poker community throughout my smoke-filled career. So get out there and MAKE THEM CRY!!! Post your slow roll HH in this thread! "The beauty of the slowroll is really not in the hand that you actually slowroll with, especially since your opponent in all likelihood will be 'disappearing' after you beat him in the hand, but in the lasting emotional effects that some players can not let go of. Some of these players may not even need to be the target of a slowroll, as just slowrolling at their table will make you a target for them, again this only increases your Expected Value (EV). The effects of one slowroll can literally last a lifetime. Poker is as competitive a game or sport as any, and because money is what we use, it is cut-throat at the higher levels. To me, it makes little sense to show mercy to your opponents -- emotionally or monetarily. If someone loses respect for me, because of how I play the game, I am okay with that, and I will be aware and hoping that translates into mistakes on that opponent's end later. When I look at poker players, the ones I respect the most are the ones that play the game the hardest, using every legal play in their arsenal to manipulate their opponents psychologically and emotionally... without mercy. This is why I have given my full support of this beautiful play called the slowroll! We all grew up with people telling us something or another was bad only to later find out that their opinion was different than ours, so to those skeptics out there, I ask you to use National Slowroll Month to give some of my home-cooking a try, it may not be for everyone, but you may find yourself coming back for a second helping!" https://www.pocketfives.com/articles/ganktober-national-slowroll-month-585853/

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