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  1. Prob shouldn't call the ref a mother fucker to his face after you just got T'd up lol
  2. I haven't got my $, chill out. You should prob know what you're getting into when you play on a US site these days.
  3. VFF Req: 3/11 App: 3/11 Proc: ? Rec: ? Debit Req: 3/15 App: 3/15 Rec: 3/21 Check Req: 3/17 App: 3/17 Rec: 3/22 Debit Req: 3/24 App: 3/24 Rec: ? Check Req: 3/27 App: 3/27 Rec: 3/30
  4. Well at least tread anticipated this so it doesn't really count. #Pac12Soft

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