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  1. earlier today i risk a large percentage of my br on 109$ 15 k gar. on the second break we were down to 59 players and i was currently sitting in 4th postion with a healthy 22k in front. The following hour was a disaster where i was completely card dead and way too concerned about making the bubble. i was down to 12k when the bubbled burst but was qulky back to 24k soon after.With 22 players left i get involved with the huge chip leader ( 98 k or so). When blinds are 500-1000 he raises to my small blind to 3200. i was holdin 10d10s and decide to slow play to make move on the flop and to double up or take the pot there and then. The board comes 2c 5 cqc, i check he instantly puts me all in.I get rush of blood to the head and start thinking " chip leader bullying on air" i with little hesitation call to see him holding q6 off. this is a hugely dissapointing call for me but i was trying to TO BE A HERO!! i easily could of cruised to the final 12 and if not the final table to increase my profit by 400% or more .. hopefully i will learn from my mistakes and improve my decision making which will lead to win.. see u on the felt!!

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