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  1. Only concern from is are the servers going to be able to cope. These tourneys are gonna have huge numbers and there have been some lag/crash issues on stars of late- more than I can ever remember. Are stars confident that the games will still be good?
  2. bodogari was iirc. Maybe Rizen too
  3. I'm pretty sure I signed up thru p5s yonks ago- can I get rb now?!?!
  4. lol this thread has got to be an entire level. Also how can u base the skill of a tournament just on the field size? U could have a field of 9 runners where u start with 100 chips and the blinds start at 50/100. Or you could have huge field with a 30k stack and a 2hr clock. The WSOP is by no means a luckfest neither are the WCOOP's. Structures are incred
  5. Yeh I have no idea why they don't do this. You can resume the tourneys you've managed to make day 2 in and also play other events and do something like sleep
  6. Bang goes a chance of playing one of these midweek. Thx anyway
  7. All these structures are ridic if you have any semblence of a life or if you wanna play most events
  8. Will this be another 16 hour jobby or much less because the starting stacks are 5k instead of 10?
  9. All these software enahancements are great but why haven't stars or tilt implemented a seating redraw for the final table!? Sucks if you've had a balla on your left all game!!!
  10. Cool ty guys. Least I got thru round 1 via the bye
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you get a bye you're at a distinct disadvantage. You'll have a 2/1 deficit going into the next round and the blinds just keep escalating. Is this correct?
  12. Had 4. How many people have flopped a royal? I have once

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