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  1. yeah it's been lagging for the past month or so
  2. usually takes 2-3 days via neteller for me. as for the scores, yeah it takes a few days to show up but sometimes it won't. if you give Dan the details he normally adds it quickly and will show up the following day.
  3. golteb

    New stars

    yeah very bad lag on stars today. i had animations disabled and still had that problem so that's something else. no special events on stars today with like 100k runners right?
  4. golteb

    New stars

    this! dunno why they had to remove it. maybe it discouraged players from registering to the smaller guaranteed or non-guaranteed tourneys?
  5. wow nice to know that stars support would go the extra mile and actually do that. so if I complain in chat about my extended period of downswing on Stars, and promise to kill myself soon if things don't change, will they go the extra mile and turn on the boom switch for me? srsly tho, if a guy really wants to end it cause it's so miserable and he does not see a way out, then maybe that's the best for him. if you stop him then you might as well solve his problems for him, right? as long as he does not harm other people in the process, or like someone said earlier, don't inconvenience others
  6. agree the bigger sunday tourneys have nice structures. Full Tilt used to have a structure where later levels are longer (like 10 minutes for first 12 levels then 12 min. for the next 10 and so on). Maybe that would add more play late in the Million? Not sure how much time would be added to the overall length of the tourney tho.
  7. People who are serious of committing suicide do not broadcast it, they just do it. Also, not sure what support can do in this case. Will they threaten to ban the guy? That might make him to actually kill himself.
  8. Great idea...sounds like a lot of fun grinding these. I also agree, should have PLO8, NLO8 and HORSE plus a non-turbo 8-game with higher buyin like $11 or $22.

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