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  1. Anyone got their $ back yet? or any Emails? Mail? Thanks.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING PAYMENTS GCG has been informed that the Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section of the Department of Justice (MLARS) has approved a fourth round of payments to Petitioners who confirmed their Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet account balances after the initial September 7, 2017 filing deadline and Petitioners who have disputed their Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet account balances. The distribution will include payments to 494 Petitioners with awards totaling $133,005.04. Payments will be made via electronic ACH to Petitioners residing in the United States and via foreign currency check to Petitioners residing outside of the United States. In cases where a foreign currency check cannot be issued, the payment will be made via USD check or foreign currency wire depending on the Petitioners country of residence. Within the next few weeks, GCG will be sending an email notice to all approved Petitioners that contains the amount and method of their payment. For Petitioners scheduled to receive their payment via electronic ACH or foreign currency wire, the email notice will also include instructions for submitting the required banking information needed for payment. GCG will also be sending an email notice to certain Petitioners who were approved for payment and were identified as having a delinquent debt qualifying for collection through the Treasury Offset Program. Payments for these Petitioners will be reduced in order to satisfy their debt in part or in whole. To receive the balance of their payment, Petitioners must provide GCG with the information required to complete a Unified Financial Management System Vendor Request Form. Instructions on how to provide this information will be included in the email notice. Specific questions regarding outstanding debts and offset amounts cannot be addressed by the Department of Justice or GCG. To obtain information on your individual debt, you must contact the Treasury Offset Program at (800) 304-3107 or visit https://fiscal.treasury.gov/fsservices/gov/debtColl/dms/top/debt_top.htm for additional information. Petitioners should continue to check this website for updates regarding the payment process and this administration. Updated 10/26/18 (ANYONE GOT AN EMAIL or LETTER YET?)
  3. Been Disconnected for over 3 hours now. Was third in chips in the $2k $11 SMH!
  4. Winning Poker Network Game #304412209: No Limit Holdem (750/1,500) [2014/08/04 02:32:52 UTC] Table: BIG10 - $2,500 GTD, Table 13 Tournament: 1747364 Seats: 9 Seat 1: redhawk (57,819) Seat 2: Starky_ca (59,957) Seat 3: EatDie (64,045) Seat 4: emcee858 (42,106) Seat 6: poncheechee (37,816) Seat 7: bonkerz (76,497) Seat 8: terb11 (65,219) Seat 9: Casey45 (42,746) Button is seat 3 emcee858: antes 150 poncheechee: antes 150 bonkerz: antes 150 terb11: antes 150 Casey45: antes 150 redhawk: antes 150 Starky_ca: antes 150 EatDie: antes 150 emcee858: posts small blind 750 poncheechee: posts big blind 1,500 *** HOLE CARDS *** EatDie: dealt [Ks Ac] bonkerz: folds terb11: folds Casey45: folds redhawk: raises 3,000 Starky_ca: folds EatDie: raises 6,000 emcee858: folds poncheechee: folds redhawk: raises all-in 54,669 EatDie: calls 51,669 *** FLOP *** [Kh 7h 6c] *** TURN *** [Kh 7h 6c] [9s] *** RIVER *** [Kh 7h 6c] [9s] [6d] *** SUMMARY *** Pot: 118,788 | Rake: 0 | Board: [Kh 7h 6c 9s 6d] Seat 1: redhawk won 118,788 (+60,969) [Ad As] Seat 2: Starky_ca lost -150 Seat 3: EatDie lost -57,819 [Ks Ac] Seat 4: emcee858 lost -900 Seat 6: poncheechee lost -1,650 Seat 7: bonkerz lost -150 Seat 8: terb11 lost -150 Seat 9: Casey45 lost -150
  5. chrisconner1023 Posts Ante 10.00 Bethesdaman Posts Ante 10.00 JCU2007ontilt Posts Ante 10.00 ElCuse Posts Ante 10.00 dakelly Posts Ante 10.00 changinglanes Posts Ante 10.00 Mooshie13 Posts Ante 10.00 Outkasts763 Posts Ante 10.00 Sublimex2222 Posts Ante 10.00 JCU2007ontilt Posts SB 50.00 ElCuse Posts BB 100.00 dakelly Raised to 200.00 changinglanes Folds Mooshie13 Calls 200.00 Outkasts763 Raised to 1000.00 Sublimex2222 Folds chrisconner1023 Folds Bethesdaman Folds JCU2007ontilt Folds ElCuse Folds dakelly Calls 800.00 Mooshie13 Calls 800.00 dakelly Checks Mooshie13 Checks Outkasts763 All In 4402.00 dakelly Calls 4402.00 Mooshie13 All In 3990.00 dakelly Shows 7d,7s Mooshie13 Shows Jd,Th Outkasts763 Shows Kd,Ks Mooshie13 Won 15210.00 from Pot 1 with Queen High Straight Outkasts763 Won 824.00 from Pot 2 with Two Pair Kings and Fives
  6. WWYD!

    Yeap I think flipping is at best here "SOMETIMES!"
  7. Thanks tyson219... Gotta play lights out n run good...
  8. http://www.wsop.com/pdfs/reports/13410/Day-2-Counts-by-Table-Seat.pdf I will be at Table 20 seat 3.
  9. I made Day 2 re entry $365 in Council Bluffs. I have about 76,000 going into day 2 blinds will be 1500/3000 antes 500 with 40 min blinds. Any advise on how I should use my 25 big stack to attack? Should I play against Mid-Big stacks or avoid them? You can find seating chart on WSOP.com under council bluffs IOWA tab. Thanks, Steve aka GoodyVaj763
  10. WWYD!

    Almost bubble time. So shove here 100% of the time? Is folding ok also?
  11. WWYD!

    You on button with AKcc about $14,600 blinds are 400/800 ante 100 UTG +2 raises to 3600 he has 80,000 to start with and he raised the guy in BB who has about 8000 chips only. Would you raise, call or fold? and WHY! Thanks.
  12. Does anyone know where I can find the blind strutures for this tournament? Thanks, Steve.
  13. you have an incredible grasp for the obvious spanky is half correct- i mean he is right about the length. THe difference between Maven's post and JHass post about tyven is that Maven politely said some things sounded suspicous. He did not have a heading saying *XXXX person is a multi-accounter- I have inside information!!!!!* There is a big difference between asking if anyone noticed anything odd.... and coming out labeleing someone a cheat. Note the thread about frankly perfect is quite long, and that was posted by a *name* player i do believe. p.s. Most importantly, some people get a little respect- I think Maven has earned his-- and unknown posters haven't earned that. ^^^^ right on man! I respect that to. I just hate it when some fools like allinblind, gotzballz and the Microwave come in here and talk smack Jeeus man! WTF!

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