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  1. In. Just let me know where to ship before it begins.
  2. Wowswift. That's a name I haven't heard in quite awhile. is she still married to the farmer guy in Canadia?
  3. No one wanna talk about Spurs dripping 46 in the 3rd quarter on Celtics yesterday?
  4. "Triples to put the Spurs up 2" ahahahaha! As a Spurs fan, we miss Danny Gr33n & his Tarheel Triples. Great to see he's doing well in Toronto. I'll take Derozan all day though. Great team player & he's doing a great job mentoring the young guys on the team.
  5. I thought you would've died from that dirty Philly weather years ago. Good to see you still kickin'. Flu shots are garbage. I've gotten them twice & both years I got sick.
  6. It has been awhile. Working like crazy. Working at a brewery for 2+ years & then the past year I have been making beer cans for small craft beverage companies. No real time for poker, but if I don't start treating myself better, I'm going to go crazy. Also, I can't win shit on Draft Kings lately! Hey there!
  7. That's fucking disgusting. How many toes do they have left?
  8. 3 for tonight. Hour away 27KO 11PLO 3r
  9. What's the issue? No one trying to kill anyone. Have fun paying half the rent for the full house! Your roommate is your real MVP here.
  10. Fucker hit a 3 outer. Nice 6, ugain! ;-)

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