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  1. Seven-handed 2/5 no limit holdem at Parx Casino (buy-in $200 to $1000). It's fairly early in my session and I don't know any of the other players. From my limited observation time, the game is neither particularly tight nor is it very aggressive. UTG raises to 20 (typical range 15 to 25); next to act 3-bets to 50. Hijack folds, I have KK in the cutoff and 4-bet to 125. Button calls, blinds fold and the other 2 bettors call. Pot is 500. My stack is now 1200, the button's stack is just slightly larger than mine. The flop is 944, two-suited, checked to me. I bet 325, the button shoves all-in and the other 2 players fold. The pot is 2025 and it costs me my remaining 875 to call. If I lose, I go home. Should I call all-in or fold? I am certain that the button did not have AA since this would be an open invitation to shove all-in preflop after my 4-bet. Pocket nines were a real concern and, just maybe A4 suited was an outside possibility. The all-in post-flop, however, represented a connection to the flop or an over-pair, possibly. Also, there is some possibility it was a bluff. If the button held AA, 99, or a 4 then it just wasn't meant to be, so I called. The button held J9 unsuited, the turn and river were blanks, and my KK held up. Regardless of the outcome in this instance, did I have a reasonable basis to make this call?

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