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  1. holy shit, thats as IRL as it gets! Good luck man, hope you are both happy. Is that a free couch I hear when I finally get to canada?? :p half joking, but if ever I am actually over, I'll hit you up I shipped the sunday breeze on 888 for 7k :) ole rungood working again
  2. RUH ROH!!! gl today guys! I see p5s is even more troll-y then?!? Go play some poker, fuckwads
  3. 152nd :( He's becoming very good, watch out for matt242 crushing next year!
  4. 2nd for $520ish :) anyone else making some runs?
  5. I'd be embarrased to put one up for $720! 2/3, being a short stack ninja tyty
  6. oh, you did make one :) gl guys!! 1/9 in a small 16.5 turbo on 888
  7. A student of mine in the last 200 of the million too, one time!!!!
  8. lol, oops, sorry dude!!! This sunday, Ill street cred the shit outta it!
  9. Could you tell those solid things to get a move on for me?? :p gl today guys!
  10. I FT bubbled the $90 1r and came 9th in the $215 100k major on 888.... :kms: Hopefully this weekend

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