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  1. My 3-betting range in position is pretty balanced (or I'd like to think) and I don't think we had played much together so it's unlikely he had a read on me. Otherwise I agree with everything in your reply, I actually think this is never a bluff, a semibluff very seldom, and almost always for value. I just made a poor impulse decision because of what I thought was a timing tell (and because I convinced myself I beat some of his value). AA-QQ with a spade I'm snapping here, but JJ w/o a spade is a fold (especially when I have 40+ bb behind). A bit frustrating because I was the one-time chip leader of this tourney (had 12x starting stack before late reg. ended). Just gotta tighten up in a spot like this next time and hope for a FT. Thanks.

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