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  1. I was so happy when Shapiro left our team. I was so sick of him gutting our roster all the time. I don't understand why people think he's a genius.
  2. I was there at that game. He's not at that point yet. Maybe by game 5 or 6 he will be.
  3. Damn. One mistake from a WTC PR rep and the coin tanked. Pretty crazy
  4. Yesterday's game was like porn for me: Cavs embarrassed their main rival on their home floor. Kyrie sucked and you got to see him sulk on the bench a bunch of times. Pierce purposely chose this game against us to have his jersey retirement and it blew up in his face. And it finally looks like the Cavs are having fun again.
  5. I've read that it looks worse than it was due to the rescuers needing to cut the car open to get them out of it. Still really bad though. Someone from the area says that there's parking on both sides and it's a really sharp turn. Don't drink and drive folks
  6. Just noticed that Chase is considering Coinbase purchases as cash advances and is taking a 25% fee. Serves me right for using a credit card. They started this a few days ago I guess.
  7. I have. This area makes some decent stuff. I guess Head Hunter and Hop Juju are similar but not close to what I just had with Hopslam.
  8. I really thought he just needed a change of scenery but the guy is just a grade A prick
  9. https://wcy.weissratings.com/media/wri/PDF/WCY/Weiss-Cryptocurrency-Ratings.pdf Weiss report if anyone's interested. Don't think it matters much. Also not too sure if it's real yet lol
  10. I just wanted to say fuck Jae Crowder, IT, every current Celtic and every former Celtic. All of them are assholes. Seriously, can you name one Celtic that is or was a halfway decent dude? I'm having trouble thinking of anyone.
  11. What are some better IPA's than Hopslam?
  12. There was some definite insider trading on Binance with Pivx. The graph lit up like a Christmas tree before the coin was even listed. It went all the way to $45 at one point and then was dumped back to normal
  13. Ended up buying a 6'er of hopslam for $18. This is definitely the best IPA I've ever had, it's perfect

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