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  1. Good advice from Hoosier. You should always have a pretty close estimate of your own chips at all times so that shouldnt take up much time or effort. I suggest counting the stacks that are going to impact your decision right when you're thinking about your decision and focus on watching hands when you're not in them. Try to get a rough idea of where everyone is at in your head along the way. The play in Ocala isn't at a level where precise stack sizing is going to have a huge impact anyway so have a rough idea is going to be fine.
  2. Well put. I think playing shorter sessions while on a downswing and cutting the number of tables you play at a time also makes a big difference.
  3. it's impossible for a 2/5nl live pro to have a losing year. its rare to have a losing month if you're really good.
  4. It's pretty player dependent whether or not I call there. I lean toward fold in a $10 buyin vs a stack over 10BB
  5. if this is at decent stakes I just shove here since pot is around $24k and he has 27k behind. Imo, that looks weakest and has the highest chance of getting hero called by a hand like 88 w/ 8c. if it's low stakes then I might bet around half pot and hope for a shove from him.
  6. There's a lot of truth to what ivanov said. He should have folded pre if he perceives you as decent because you obv have a pretty strong range raising from the blinds. I'm fine with your preflop raise sizing if you feel a bigger raise would have folded everyone out. I generally would raise a bit bigger because 800 would get me 3 callers in most live tournies but if you think it gets you 1 caller it's fine. Your flop and turn bet sizing should be 2/3rds to 3/4ths pot. No reason to bet smaller, especailly on the turn.
  7. If he truly is a maniac who'd spazz out and minraise way wider than JJ+ and flush draw on this flop then yeah I'd probably shove. It really depends on what kind of maniac he is..... does he put a large % of his stack in with nothing, call 3bets with nothing and reraise flops etc???? A lot of guys look like maniacs but are only maniacs in the sense that they play a lot of small pots. However they usually have it when they put a large % of thier stack in. The more I look at it the more the raise being a minraise concerns me.
  8. It really depends on what his perception of you is and how deeply he thinks about hands. Doing things like 3bet calling in this spot to look stronger can be very effective if the opponent adjust by tightening his range. I think the best way for you to figure out whether you get tighter folds is to experiment and see. These sorts of plays work for a while then veryone tries them and the pendulum swings back the other way and you get the opposite response. So if you get tighter folds by 3bet calling now then you'll get looser shoves 6 months from now most likely.
  9. I'm planning to be there all week. I'm probably going to play the 6max, the main, and then just cash games.
  10. I think the preflop call is pretty bad because it puts you in lots of weird spots out of position vs a guy whose range dominates yours if any significant amount of chips go into the pot. Fold pre. As played shove the turn. You're ahead of enough of his range to be profitable.
  11. This is never ever a call. It's always JJ + and usually leans more toward QQ+. This actually isn't even a decision for you. The biggest mistake made in cash games hands down is over playing AK. very easy fold. (not saying it like that to be a dick. Just saying this as bluntly as possible so you understand to never call here unless villain is a psycho.)
  12. You can't set mine. You def don't have odds to do that. I fold here with no info on the caller because our decision is completely based on the expected calling range of the caller. If he has AA,KK,QQ,JJ you crushed. There aren't a lot of good scenarios if he calls your shove. He's almost always ahead or flipping. If you just calling you're guessing postflop.
  13. You're really not that far ahead . You're supposed to lose this just under half of the time.

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