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    Im a 33 yr. old husband and father of 4 .. i love playing poker its my next love to my family!!!
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    8-10 spades
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    floor installer
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    Home and horseshoe southern indiana
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    POKER... then basketball way down the line (Age) lol
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    25NLH and 25PLO/PLO8
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    $5.50 - $20 Mtt's PLO and NLH


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  1. http://www.cardplayer.com/region_casino/146-horseshoe-southern-indiana will sale 60-40 your way Full stake on the cheapies the $90 tournys ill give 65 - 35 your way full stake I will sale smaller pieces but would rather not I will be playing all Tournys this week Lets WIN some CASH!!!!! Skype: billykey23 502-681-6844
  2. will be playing the following live tourneys at Horseshoe southern Indiana this weekend HORSESHOE POKER CLASSIC April 16th -19th 2014 4-16: 7pm EST 85+15+20 add on 4-17: 12pm est $125+25+20 DeepStack NLH Boubty w/ $25 KO's (included in PP) 7pm est $85+15+20 NLH ( if deep stack runs past first hour of this late reggy ill play Midnight 4/18 same BI) 4-18 3pm est NLH 85+15+20 4-19 10am Last chance mega sattellite to Main event $65+10+20 ( ME is a $340 +20 with 5k added to the winne at noon) I will leave pics and skype with all investors .. also will give out my cell 3 in case u need something ... also i will uppdate every break via twitter .... and i have refrences 5% = $35 10% =$65 20% = 125 Im looking to sell 30% more as ive already sold 20% .. i can except paypal and BCP only .. thx
  3. Im in so would captains plz HMU if interested in being on your team
  4. THIS IS CLOSED !!!! I DONT KNOW HOW TO LOCK IT ... WackyJaxon ty for helping out with the editing of the markup .. And to Rbunce and riggsb for commenting !! Gl to all in the OSS ill be playing and hoping to get on a team
  5. I just wanted to take the time to point out that since i got here at P5's i have been shown nothing but LOVE!!!!! From picking up backing , to meeting good buddies like RiggsB and Kidcardfish . Who gives me great advice . But I also want to give a shoutout to" IpoopHalfgreyHalfred" .. This guy here came out of know were and talked a hand with me and how he felt i could improve my skill at the low stack level ... and he was actually in the hand ... So to get to my point Pocketfives.com is my SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thx Riggb means alot coming from you bro!!!
  7. I busted out the 1k 11 away from cashing and just bombed in the 2.5k with 3 reentries smh .. Well better luck tomm an GL to all that are playing
  8. finished 17th in 1.2k .. im still in the 1k and 2.5
  9. Hey all im new to the site seen the thread and if anyone has a spot on there pc lol pull me up "HesTheworst" on BCP/ACR . Im in the $$$ in the $11 1.2k and deep in the 1k ... the 2.5k just started and i hope to keep the run going on all 3!!!! well guys ill update this thread with finishes in all 3 just in case you didnt get a chance to rail and wanna know how im doing !!
  10. im still gonna keep this event up for a while but i play on my own dime so if noone buys that will be ok as well !!!
  11. Rbunce TY for that .. thats what i wanted and needed as far as advice .. ive been scammed out of money myself back pre BF on pokerstars .. got me for half my BR on a site to site transfer ... ill def get more involved in the community not just for staking reasons but i understand .. and ive sent alot of friend requests out to fellow BCP and ACR players as i play against them moore and i also like to add ppl on skype to discuss hands after tourny's and each skin of course has a diff style ... again TY for the reply ...

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