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  1. when talking about the nuts in any given hand isnt it always considered the strongest possible outcome for the cards dealt in said hand? straight flush beats ace high flush on this board so wouldnt straight flush be the nut flush here?
  2. why not sit down with him and have an adult conversation between the two of you to see what exactly is the root his/your issues? then take it from there. maybe offer to teach him for a few hours a week to see if he can make some extra money and get a feel for what you do.
  3. You can't lose if you are playing butt naked in the school library.
  4. stars really pisses me off sometimes PokerStars Game #38990305547: Tournament #281111066, $2.00+$0.20 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2010/01/30 19:25:38 MT [2010/01/30 21:25:38 ET] Table '281111066 147' 6-max Seat #6 is the button Seat 1: KIN21 (3750 in chips) Seat 2: 08blackmamba (2820 in chips) Seat 3: immodeeb (1680 in chips) Seat 4: feuerbrunst (4440 in chips) Seat 5: #2pyncil (2670 in chips) Seat 6: Harley Hogs (2690 in chips) KIN21: posts small blind 10 08blackmamba: posts big blind 20 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to #2pyncil [9c 9s] immodeeb: folds feu
  5. when have you made 130K a year? you had one winning year. u make it sound like you make over 130k a year player poker. you have won 130 plus one year, but with 41k profit. awesome. congrats. pat yourself on the back. other than that you have been a losing player. as for your top statement. lol. this coming from the loser talking about etiquette. get over yourself. keep contradicting yourself as to why you came on here, though. first you wre flicking, now you had the link. what's next? im not sure why you are lying about your avatar, but you are. o well. and btw, the statement 'owned'
  6. again, your avatar did not say "do it" at time of hiand/tourny never said anything derogatory about your call during tourny or since. i never even made a comment towaards you. i only berated the guy in question for talking during hand. i am now just calling your train of thought of the hand as BS as you contradict yourself in previous posts about why you called. and dont talk about etiquette since your first post you end with "thanks for your chips". classy. if i am being rude it is because i dont believe you and your reasoning or that you were just flicking through the threads. you j
  7. so, if you put me on exactly KQs that would leave me 15 outs. being around 60% favoritie going to turn. if one my cards hit, that would be rediculously disgusting? you are making less sense than before. or, are you still not folding if one of those 15 cards turns? which would make your putting me on KQs statement BS. so, to summarize, you are either full of it or just plain stupid.
  8. your avatar said nothing of the kind during the time of this tourny/ hand. the guy in question was egging you on to call just as another player, right after you called, said not to. putting me exactly on KQ spades is hilarious. nice 1st post if this is even you. just flicking through a week old thread? if you are making that call all day then why are you time banking to be 100% sure? you made the call, yes. but dont give these BS excuses. simply put, you could not fold a pocket pair and were egged on to call your stack off. 0% chance you put me on exactly KQs. but, nice try on your
  9. another idiot gets bailed out. PokerStars Game #38940175577: Tournament #235342837, $4.00+$0.40 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XI (125/250) - 2010/01/29 20:49:27 MT [2010/01/29 22:49:27 ET] Table '235342837 54' 9-max Seat #1 is the button Seat 1: Every6 (7124 in chips) Seat 2: tuvedupoulet (7100 in chips) Seat 3: scruffff4 (10835 in chips) Seat 4: kenno78 (2694 in chips) is sitting out Seat 5: tupadre2192 (2166 in chips) Seat 6: Natedog1130 (7621 in chips) Seat 7: hessitate (16471 in chips) Seat 8: ciobixxy (5519 in chips) Seat 9: #2pyncil (15910 in chips) Every6: posts
  10. leave her at home...or fake id....or just have her not gamble
  11. i never put him on a big pair. suited connectors to any Ace here. his raise pre just did not seem right to me if he has something good. i guess that could have been me saying to myself this is what i beat here but idk, something seemed off. i decided to 3 bet big to discourage BB and limper from hand and if raiser folded then i just take down pot. i get the 3 bet sizing being too big now. but what is a good size to discourage a 4 way pot here? also, what about the flop bet? does it look like i have air here or a value bet, regardless of me committing myself? thanks
  12. thank you for your constructive criticism. i dont understand why this was so hard for some to grasp. again, thanks.
  13. im an asshole? ha. good one. you come on saying bad beat, get over it no reason to evaluate. when there is always a reason to evaluate. you are acting like a child. i am just asking for some input from anybody that can think beyond the results. you sir, cannot. beef did. u keep coming back at me with "this is what happened". ya, i know. im not asking what happened. im asking if the way 1010 was played here, regardless of what the villain held was played correctly. can you really not understand this? oh, you and another person saying BadBeat, ul, discussion over, does not really help your ev
  14. good. be gone. you clearly cannot think beyond what is in front of your eyes. i understand what did and did not happen. i already explained my thoughts to you. sorry you cannot see this. get over yourself.
  15. wow, man. can you really not think past the results? i understand its a bad beat. what i already explained to you is that if the results were different would you still be saying that i played this hand good? if i got 1010 in bad im sure you would be saying i played it poorly or just got coolered. you are being way to results oriented. im trying to think about hands not just say bad beat, gg, gl. there are other ways this hand could have played out and i am wondering if i chose the best one.

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