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  1. What you remember about online poker

    Some great responses in this thread, so here's my contribution: Favorite Online Poker Memory: first 4 figure score in a partypoker $55 mtt for $5k. Felt like a huge score at the time when I was in college. Least Favorite Online Poker memory: When partypoker pulled out of the U.S. market. All time favorite MTT: Full Tilt $750k. Best things you did with your poker money: travel, buy a reasonable car with cash right after graduating college, long term investments. Worst things you did with your poker money: played in tough online $100rs and $1ks, or played when I shouldn't have (tilted, tired, etc) Favorite everyday feeling you might get from poker: making thin value bets and getting called by worse. Least favorite everyday feeling you might get from poker: spazzing out late in tournaments for no real reason. Things you wanted to accomplish and never did: ft the sunday million after trying for years. Win a ftops or a wcoop/scoop. made a a bunch of deep runs but never quite sealed the deal. Never wanna see at your tables again: thebattler33/babyshark33

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