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  1. Wtf was going on tonight. I`ve experienced the first issues around 20.00 when Storm started, so around 30 min after i started my session. Until 21.20 i had several network losses which had nothing to do with my internet connection. 21.20 it went totally down for 1 hour and at that point with all that connection suffering i was down 280$ already for the session with only 70 $ Buy ins but alot of stacks left. Thing was, players from Belgium, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and probably some more, were able to play the whole time. They had tables full of people sitting out collecting all the chips. Pokerstars, for whatever stupid reason let the games run for 1 full hour and payed out all the players at around 23.00 according to their chipstacks. Yea, well obviously most of my stacks were gone completly, i was regged to some sngs and other sats as well, which i wasnt able to unreg. At 21.20 i had around 8 open tables with 8 upcoming ones. At 23.00 it was 3 tables opened with a huge stackloss and only one in the upcoming list. So i got a few hilarious joke $ for these 3 tables and that`s it. What the fuck was the reason, that PS didn`t stop the games earlier?! Paying out according to chipstacks can`t be legit, when a few nations are able to play for the whole time. From previous similar experiences i know, i`ll probably get nothing back. Last time they said, sorry we`re unable to read the log files. So i had to prove every tournament and situation where i had a disadvantage because of the server issues, which is nearly impossible. Any tips, so i get at least something back?

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