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  1. I appreciate any input which has reasoning behind it. I made a big mistake and 3bet without properly evaluating our stack sizes. Was trying to create a gameplan where I could 3bet low pairs and stilll fold to a 4 bet. The problem here is that the stack sizes are too small and I should of shoved to not give my opponent fold equity with a four bet.
  2. Villian had raised 3x from button previous orbit. How many BB's do I need to 3bet a late position raiser? Is this a stack off or fold situation? PokerStars - $3+$0.30|10000/20000 NL (9 max) - Holdem - 7 players Hand converted by PokerTracker 3: http://www.pokertracker.com UTG: 526,596.00 UTG+1: 643,080.00 MP: 451,215.00 CO: 631,954.00 BTN: 601,806.00 SB: 725,145.00 Hero (BB): 539,223.00 Pre Flop: (47500.00) Hero has 3h 3c fold, fold, fold, fold, BTN raises to 60,000.00
  3. I wasnt looking for a fold option or worried about the bubble but added that in as info. I wanted to see different lines players take with AK and maybe a opinon when you have fold equity with AK. I 3bet cause I believe jamming with a stack of 10x is a over bet and if he flats I can shove any flop with first in vig. Maybe oop this is a mistake but I problebly am reading too much into this and should just stack off without thinking.
  4. No info on villian- 46 left 37 paid Full Tilt Poker $12,500 Guarantee No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t250/t500 Blinds + t50 - 8 players - UTG: t8961 M = 7.79 UTG+1: t4055 M = 3.53 MP1: t26346 M = 22.91 MP2: t9981 M = 8.68 CO: t32048 M = 27.87 BTN: t46160 M = 40.14 SB: t18705 M = 16.27 Hero (BB): t13960 M = 12.14 Pre Flop: (t1150) Hero is BB with A :diamond: K :diamond: 2 folds, MP1 raises to t1000, 4 folds, Hero requests TIME, Hero raises to t3500, MP1 raises to t26296 all in ??????
  5. Lately I changed my style from LAG to TAG in early stages to bubble. I haven't had the results I have in the past and consitently fall short of the bubble or just scrap in. Could be because of variance but over the last 10,000 hands I have been struggling to build a stack. My Vp average is 14 and PFR is 7. Is that too NIT for a TAG style?
  6. No info on Villian. Should I assume he has at least 99+,AK stacking off from utg+1 with a utg raiser. Muck or Hope Call? Full Tilt Poker $10,500 Guarantee No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t200/t400 Blinds + t50 - 9 players - View hand 761601 The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter UTG+2: t24886 M = 23.70 MP1: t33503 M = 31.91 MP2: t3010 M = 2.87 CO: t17737 M = 16.89 BTN: t19398 M = 18.47 SB: t11461 M = 10.92 BB: t21348 M = 20.33 Hero (UTG): t8690 M = 8.28 UTG+1: t10495 M = 10.00 Pre Flop: (t1050) Hero is UTG with K :spade: A :club: Hero raises to t1000, UTG+1 raises to t10445 all in, 7 folds
  7. Okay if I re-steal in that situation do you stack off or 3 bet?
  8. I usually use implied odds 20bb for raiser and 30bb for hero when calling from the BB with SC. I don't have any hands on the villian but I assumed his range was farely wide raising from the CO. Should I just fold a hand like this if I dont have more info on the raiser. Maybe take a different line if I flop top pair without any draw? Full Tilt Poker Game #21580583178: $10,000 Guarantee (166277229), Table 31 - 400/800 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em - 8:01:04 ET - 2010/06/13 Seat 1: Mr_Tiff_Hun (24,141) Seat 2: horza77 (36,218) Seat 3: hockeyaces (42,933) Seat 4: giorgoskey (16,672) Seat 5: Kkking86 (9,000) Seat 6: iHitTheBoard (25,601) Seat 7: edoardode57 (7,402) Seat 8: jomanda (20,008) Seat 9: frankattack (22,125) Mr_Tiff_Hun antes 100 horza77 antes 100 hockeyaces antes 100 giorgoskey antes 100 Kkking86 antes 100 iHitTheBoard antes 100 edoardode57 antes 100 jomanda antes 100 frankattack antes 100 horza77 posts the small blind of 400 hockeyaces posts the big blind of 800 The button is in seat #1 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to hockeyaces [Th 8h] giorgoskey folds Kkking86 folds iHitTheBoard folds edoardode57 folds jomanda raises to 2,000 frankattack folds Mr_Tiff_Hun folds horza77 folds hockeyaces calls 1,200 *** FLOP *** [2h 7c Ts] hockeyaces checks jomanda bets 4,000 hockeyaces raises to 40,833, and is all in jomanda calls 13,908, and is all in hockeyaces shows [Th 8h] jomanda shows [Td Ah] Uncalled bet of 22,925 returned to hockeyaces *** TURN *** [2h 7c Ts] [Qd] *** RIVER *** [2h 7c Ts Qd] [2d] hockeyaces shows two pair, Tens and Twos jomanda shows two pair, Tens and Twos jomanda wins the pot (41,116) with two pair, Tens and Twos
  9. I think I know the answer already but should I just stack off with AQo 15bb rather then 3bet a limper. Full Tilt Poker Game #21630328537: $20,000 Guarantee (166666050), Table 3 - 2500/5000 Ante 600 - No Limit Hold'em - 7:04:57 ET - 2010/06/15 Seat 1: Hartigan81 (107,251) Seat 2: 7IMLOVINIT7 (127,222) Seat 3: NinjaLudde (95,069) Seat 4: hockeyaces (71,757) Seat 5: cheddarmaker (204,265) Seat 7: Zaubermeister (174,418) Seat 9: Checkov (48,018) Hartigan81 antes 600 7IMLOVINIT7 antes 600 NinjaLudde antes 600 hockeyaces antes 600 cheddarmaker antes 600 Zaubermeister antes 600 Checkov antes 600 cheddarmaker posts the small blind of 2,500 Zaubermeister posts the big blind of 5,000 The button is in seat #4 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to hockeyaces [Ad Qc] Checkov folds Zaubermeister: ja Hartigan81 calls 5,000 7IMLOVINIT7 folds NinjaLudde folds hockeyaces raises to 26,700 cheddarmaker folds Zaubermeister folds Hartigan81 calls 21,700 *** FLOP *** [8h 4d Tc] eeselolen (Observer): hei zauber Hartigan81 bets 79,951, and is all in hockeyaces has 15 seconds left to act hockeyaces has requested TIME hockeyaces folds Uncalled bet of 79,951 returned to Hartigan81 Hartigan81 mucks Hartigan81 wins the pot (65,100) *** SUMMARY ***
  10. New table right after the bubble. Wondering what the best line is to take with a medium strength hand like AQo. Shove, fold, or bet with the intentions of folding to a raise. Full Tilt Poker Game #21580112881: $12,500 Guarantee (166271166), Table 20 - 400/800 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em - 7:25:03 ET - 2010/06/13 Seat 1: dobbsy69 (20,108) Seat 2: Brimogen (18,489) Seat 3: hockeyaces (13,500) Seat 4: U DserV (32,978) Seat 5: HateTheStraddle (28,437) Seat 6: antonfs (28,673) Seat 7: Tech68 (27,846) Seat 8: Creat1ve (11,178) Seat 9: nununo (25,130) dobbsy69 antes 100 Brimogen antes 100 hockeyaces antes 100 U DserV antes 100 HateTheStraddle antes 100 antonfs antes 100 Tech68 antes 100 Creat1ve antes 100 nununo antes 100 nununo posts the small blind of 400 dobbsy69 posts the big blind of 800 The button is in seat #8 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to hockeyaces [Ac Qs] Brimogen folds hockeyaces raises to 13,400, and is all in U DserV raises to 32,878, and is all in HateTheStraddle folds antonfs folds Tech68 folds Creat1ve folds nununo folds dobbsy69 has 15 seconds left to act dobbsy69 folds U DserV shows [8h 8d] hockeyaces shows [Ac Qs] Uncalled bet of 19,478 returned to U DserV *** FLOP *** [4c 8c 4d] *** TURN *** [4c 8c 4d] [Qd] *** RIVER *** [4c 8c 4d Qd] [Jd] U DserV shows a full house, Eights full of Fours hockeyaces shows two pair, Queens and Fours U DserV wins the pot (28,900) with a full house, Eights full of Fours *** SUMMARY ***
  11. I am not sure what the correct method is either. I use to use M only because I read Dan Harringtons book and looked for a spot to shove when I approach M=5. I recently read winning poker tournaments one hand at a time and they refer to the number of BB when reading situations. It kind of trumped the M theory for me because these online players have adapted to the knew style of MTT. I still struggle with it though when antes vary and end up using M when I see my stack diminishing faster with the increase in antes. Any words of wisdom?
  12. ty ty. In the same situation then do you do the same with 8's-J's. When do you draw the line and starting betting for value. Is it more weighted on your stack size or hand?
  13. Recently in a 26 dollar buy in MTT on Full Tilt I ran into a familiar problem. When the antes begin and players change gears I have a hard time playing AK and medium pairs. With a stack of 14,000 and a M=14 I have AK on the button. My UTG opponent with a stack of 4500 raises to 1200. I push, he calls and wins a AK QQ race. Is it positive EV pushing there knowing his range is likely 88-AA, AQ. One more orbit I am down to 7300 M=7 UTg+1 with 7's. Is this a playable hand in this situation or a muck. If playable how so?

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