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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $20 to $50
  1. I would say for the $4 180 that you can maintain 100% fairly easy.. I've got around 300ish or so played in them with just over 200%ROI. It can be done.
  2. I'm trying to get an update on my stats for the $4 180 man on stars. Anyones help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. holdmfoldmjr is name
  3. There are always so many post about running bad, bad beats, being below expectation, etc... I just wanted to say that I am officially running hot right now and it feels great. I dont mean that I am sucking out everyhand or anything close actually but it feels very good to get some hands to hold in crucial spots, being right on with timing and overall playing what I feel is some of the best I have played and feeling rewarded.. This isnt meant to be a brag post just maybe something positive for a change when there are such negative post so regularly around here at times. GL everyone
  4. I could be off here but can you just look at the leaderboard from sharkscope for any game 9 handed for average profit over the last 500 sng's. Wouldnt that qualify or am I missing something>?Number 20 on the leaderboard shows a profit of $33 per sng at the 100-300 level.
  5. LOL well thanks but that wasnt the intent. I thought I had played more than 250.. It will take me forever to reach 500.. grrrrrrrrrrr
  6. LMAO .. Thanks but I seriously doubt I could make a brag post about a $4 tourney
  7. Thanks rossi .. I was just contemplating whether I would go for the leaderboard or not. I think you have to play 500 to be considered. Thanks again and GL
  8. I'm just curious how many $4 180 man SNGs I have played on stars. I guess to sort things that way you have to have a subscription. If anyone with one could help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. Edit: Sorry the name is holdmfoldmjr
  9. You really need a girlfreind or something that will help you occupy your time.
  10. "And I remember you trying to flirt back, don't be bitter that you were attracted to what everybody else at the table knew was obviously a man all along, maybe its your coming out party?, Please don't be like this, I really thought we had a good thing going. lmao. 'Bro' Tell me to my face what a POS I am you fuckin redneck, You'll wish you stayed in your moms trailer hiding. :-)" Oh boy dragged back in for one more post.. Its very funny that you would make a comment about being attracted to that fuckin creature you call a wife "BRO" If the picture you posted as your avatar was your wife indeed then I simply would have to ask that you just stop now.. You have obviously clicked on my profile to see I'm from Alabama which is where you stupid ass lame redneck comments came from oh and the trailer ( which almost made me chuckle) Therefore you can see my wife albeit a little blurry and realize that you making a comment about being attracted to your "wife" (who likely doesnt even fuckin excist anyway) is dumber than your stupid ass Stars new account theory. Also I love your tough guy attitude saying "tell me to my face I'm a POS" Dude just stop although its difficult to make yourself sound any worse you somewhere do in every response you make.
  11. So you play on Cigardad and I loveJD but never in the same tourney is what you are saying? And if the 2 happen to end up in the same tourney its because your wife decided she would play that day? I'll leave it alone from here and others can choose to believe as they will but you ZERO credibility with me as you are nothing more than a lieing (pretends to be female), cheating (IMO you play multiple accounts and say your wife plays them) ignorant (multiple threads you have created about stars being rigged yet you continue to play) POS who gets off on the fact that you exploit gray lines and get people to talk to you online. As I said before you sir are pathetic and likely always will be no matter how much money you make while exploiting loop holes in the rules.
  12. CigarDad, My question is have "cigardad" and "I love_JD" your ADMITTED other account ever played the same tourney ??? I'm pretty sure I know the answer anyway and you will say "uh oh yea we have but my wife played that one and not me" Its just funny to me that you have chosen to post in other threads talking about turning in cheaters and emailing support etc.. but you have multiple account (at least 2 that you admit too) and even pretended to be a female on these boards and on the tables..
  13. Because you exploit some "gray" area doesnt make you anything special bro just an stupid piece of shit in my book honestly. Its funny that you believe that "taking stars side will get me some lucky hands" How fuckin stupid are you man??? Jesus and whats "very pathetic" is you pranced around the forums and the tables AS IF YOU WERE A GIRL!!!!!
  14. This is the same "guy" that went around pretending to be a female like a year ago, talked to people at tables like "he" was female and all, and even posted a picture of a female when he won the weekly TLB... Then comes clean to tell us all that it was all part of some elaborate scheme to prove that new accounts on pokerstars are RIGGED to help them and he was trying to prove that.. All you have proven is that you are a multi accounting POS that parades around acting like a female... Very pathetic.

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