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  1. I highly doubt you witnessed this happening. Weirdest/funniest thing I ever heard in a restroom, there were 3 urinals all occupied and two people vacate simultaneously. Next two guys walk up, the one in the middle turns to the guy on his left and says, "hey bud, how's your penis?" It took me a good 5 minutes to stop laughing.
  2. Don't get the hate, who cares what the percentage of his income is that he paid? He paid $108k in taxes, I'm sure that is a lot more than his "fair" share for the amount of government services he is using. Also don't understand the mentality that wealthy people should pay a much higher percentage in taxes when the real problem is the absurd amount of waste in government spending.
  3. Haha sorry wasn't trying to clutter this up with book discussion just wanted to make a comment. Also FWIW I opened the book thread and instantly saw a huge spoiler from upcoming books so I'm not going to open it ever again.
  4. I just finished reading the first two books of the series (took about a week each). They were really enjoyable and it was interesting seeing the differences the book readers talked about. The show follows the first book almost exactly while the second deviates a lot more than I expected after reading the first. Just started the third book and really looking forward to it.
  5. Am I the only one that was slightly disappointed by the last episode? Don't get me wrong the content was pretty awesome but we got absolutely nothing from Robb Stark, Jon Snow, Jamie Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark. They could have cut some of that boring crap in the Red Keep and showed a little bit from the other locations instead of 100% focusing on King's Landing. Oh well, super excited for the season finale now.
  6. I can't wait for you to not reply to this thread after you go 0fer. Or if you do reply you will complain about how some internet kid played his hand like a retard to suck out on you.
  7. Shoving is a better option than anything else, you're turning your hand face up by 4betting small. edit: Cold calling would be better than a small 4bet imo, but I think shoving is still the best play here. Although cold calling can't be too bad given the VPIP/PFR of the two villains even though the sample is very small.
  8. lol at pro-lifers that is all
  9. A good friend of mine in college got a DUI (he was innocent) but it still cost him 7k-8k in legal fees as well as having to piss away over a hundred hours of his life going to court and meeting with his attorney. The cop got fired about a year later when they compared his DUI statistics to the national averages and found a ridiculous number of discrepancies (such as number of DUIs per hours on shift and proportion of DUIs given to people who blow 0.08 or above).
  10. So today I started my session and I noticed my HUD only had a handful of hands (<50) on a good reg that plays under the screen name bEatNicK"OG" but I know for a fact I've played at least several hundred hands against him. During the next sync break I searched my player database in HEM and found there were two entries when I typed beatnick into the player search, bEatNicK"OG" and bEatNicKOG. So for whatever reason the hand importer has started ignoring the quotes in the screen name. I know there is a forum on the HEM website but I can't stand it and can never find the right place to post, I usually use the 2+2 HEM thread but 2+2 is obviously not available at the moment.
  11. I thought the policy was that third parties cannot register you if you are a USA resident due to the UIGEA restrictions. If you live outside of the USA I believe the poker room you win the seat at can buy you in.
  12. Get a phone with internet access and you won't have this problem.
  13. IDK how I missed it but can someone please link to where he posted the new pics?

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