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  1. This is fairly late bubble stage hand from a 550$ buy in tournament, we are about 4 from the money. We are the third largest stack on the table with about 50BB. Villain just got moved to the table one orbit ago, and is the second largest stack with ~70BB. We have played only one hand where he raised from button, and we defended with A10o. We called flop and turn bets after pairing the ace on the flop and river went check check - we won the hand. I have been fairly active on the bubble and have increased my stack by about 40% in the last level, but villain hasn’t seen us play much except the one orbit where I opened twice and folded to a 3bet once. Blinds 2.5K-5K, 500 ante. We open UTG with KQo to 11K, only villain calls from SB. I would sometimes fold KQo from UTG, but close to the bubble with a decent stack I open. Too loose? Pot 31500 Flop K 6s 3 Rainbow. Want to keep him in the hand with weaker K and smaller PP, and I bet 15K for about 40% pot, SB calls. Thoughts? Pot: 61500 Turn 8c, again a flush draw on the table. SB checks, there is nothing to suggest we are behind and we bet to get value. I was a little tired at this point, and did not think about the decision at all. I’ll not discuss my current thought process here, but during the hand I just bet in the flow without really thinking much about pot size, what the villain could have, etc. I bet 25000, and villain sighs and then raises 60K. Thoughts on what to do here? Are we ever ahead? If we call, what is the plan for river? Does the fact that we have position play any role in this decision?

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