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    HVAC Technician
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    Atlantic City (VERY soft)
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    Poker, Rolling around naked in my winnings
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    1/2 and 2/4 NLHE, 2/4 PLO
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    Any $100 buy in in A.C. NLHE

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  1. Hog Wild Poker is by far the shadiest subscription website out there. Why can I not find out anything about their RNG and who has certified it. Even Merge lets you see the certificate and who granted it and who certified the RNG (as shady as that is). Now, the reason I say this is, they make you purchase Hog Bucks which on the website is their money. Yet they can manipulate the RNG to pick winners and losers, so the losers have to buy more Hog Bucks and the company makes more money. If they didn't pick winners and losers people may never have purchase HB's again, they just trade them around from person to person in their "cash games". If you think I'm kidding, get on the site sit at a "cash" table and watch the miracle flops when someone has AA and gets out flopped by 42o on a 2,7,2 flop continually. Just saw it happen at one table like 5 times in a row ( bad beats that is) AKs out flopped by QTo, Q9s out turned by 44 on a Q,8,7-4-2, K8o rivered an 8 against 9To on a 9,T,K-5-8 board, AJs rivered by AQo on a A,5,J-4-Q. Time and time again, believe me I know poker and have seen bad beats galore, but this rivals merge for most obscene and blatant display of "oh well, its poker, can't dispute it, can't question it". I quess its the way the RNG has been manipulated (oops, I mean setup). So let the haters hate, and the sheep bah. Spend your money on a shady company, be my guest. Oh, who is going to be first to say its US legal it must be safe and fair, when "US legal" has nothing to do with the RNG and everything to do with monetary transactions.

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