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  1. Is it possible to test if youre a potential match and then price gouge some poor guy?
  2. Nobody comes back around when things are goin great
  3. Hughes4


    hi pratyush. lookin good
  4. The Pelican Brief was pretty stupid
  5. Since the SB started in 1966. 21 NFL teams have won. 17 NBA teams have won
  6. I will award points for Tim robbins asking for a Sprite.
  7. Watchinf Mystic River. Back in the day, they used to extend a Law & Order episode and people would buy tickets to watch it on the big screen?
  8. id consider it gay
  9. Does anyone eat fifth avenue bars? i just threw one in the garbage. It all got stuck in my mouth
  10. I watched season 1 when it came out and never really heard about it again. i guess i'll rewatch it
  11. Big Brother Canada 9 is the best season since at least BB17
  12. He wipes his ass with hundreds

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